£80 billion spent on UK gardens

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We’ve just read on the Telegraph website that UK gardeners have invested a massive £80 billion in their gardens, with the average household spending £1,790. But the article also said that many homeowners say that their gardens have ‘added more value to their home than they had invested in it’.

40% of the UK’s citizens also said that they would only consider buying a property if it had a garden. However, housebuyers are apparently more interested in a nice lawn than ‘ornamental’ features such as ponds and some may even be put off by intricate designs.

The choice of flowers in your garden can apparently influence buyers too. Here some of the top plants to attract and impress potential buyers:

£80 billion spent on UK gardens

Rose ‘The One and Only’


One of the most popular garden plants, roses are easy to grow and care for and will give you years of pleasure. Pictured here is ‘The One and Only’, a hybrid tea rose with a delightful red fragrant blooms that are perfect as cut flowers.


£80 billion spent on UK gardens

Fuchsia ‘Lady Boothby’


‘Lady Boothby’ (pictured) is a very vigorous and hardy fuchsia, so it’ll come back year after year. It’s perfect for growing against a trellis or a wall and, with a little support, it’ll cover them in no time at all. Fuchsias are extremely easy to care for – add a deep bark mulch in autumn to protect the roots and prune the stems in spring as the new buds appear.


£80 billion spent on UK gardens

Lavender ‘Munstead’


Lavender is great for making a low hedge or for edging paths and as you walk by its captivating fragrance fills the air. You can use the flowers in many ways – they’re perfect for drying and can be used to make lavender sugar or lavender and mint jelly.


Click here for more details on edible flowers and recipe ideas.

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