It’s war out there Down on the Allotment!

Guest blogger Sarah Morris laments the sabotage of her broccoli plants…

My precious little broccoli seedings are being marmalized by gangs of delinquent hoodie pigeons! They just fly away up into a nearby tree and laugh at me, only returning to have another munch as soon as my back is turned.

Guest blogger - Sarah Morris

Mocking pigeon

I planted these ‘Rudolph’ early purple sprouting broccoli seeds in the Summer and I have nursed them through the Summer attack of slugs, snails and caterpillars. I do not intend to lose them now to a gang of cowardly pigeons.

Guest blogger - Sarah Morris

Broccoli – nibbled

Don’t get me wrong, I am not pigeon prejudiced, some of them are amazing creatures. Take ‘Scotch Lass’ for instance. In 1945 she was awarded the Dickin Medal for gallantry whilst serving in World War 2. Her citation read, “For bringing 38 micro photographs across the North Sea in good time although injured” that is my idea of a brave pigeon. Or there is the sporty pigeon (who took a short break on my allotment earlier this year) who trains hard to achieve a peak of physical fitness in a display of awesome navigational skills and sporting prowess.

Then there is the nasty, fat wood pigeon that lurks around and steals from my allotment. Despite hanging CDs, tin foil, cotton thread and owning a hunter-killer yellow Labrador… I’m just not winning the battle. I just may have to give up and wish them a very Merry Christmas… wrapped in pastry and served with bread sauce, gravy… oh yes… and fresh broccoli!  Merry Christmas Mr Pigeon.

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Sarah Morris
I was born just 20 yards from an allotment where my parents used to ‘Dig for Victory’ during and after the war. Growing vegetables is a way of life for me, I cannot remember a time when I did not have access to freshly picked food. My allotment is my place of recreation after a hard days’ work. Everything comes full circle if you wait long enough… tank tops, flared jeans, and now making your own compost and growing your own veg are popular once more!

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