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  1. Carla Firman says:

    Way back last year, in September, I held a Casino Night in Stowmarket in aid of the East Anglian Air Ambulance and was keen to obtain prizes for the draw from local companies. I was delighted to receive a package from Thompson and Morgan of £25 worth of seeds. The generosity of local firms never ceases to amaze me, and I was so pleased that these seeds were won in the draw by a very keen gardener. I just want to make this a public thank you to Thompson and Morgan for their generosity.

    • Hi Carla,

      Thank you so much for your kind comment. We try to help the public where we can! It is a pleasure to donate to worthy events and causes such as yours. All the very best, Terri

  2. Alexander Ross says:

    our local papers was selling seeds it was sea holly to which they were planted nothing has come of them ,were they planted to earLy if you can tell me when should I have done this. A.ross

    • Hi Alexander Ross. I am sorry to learn of your disappointment with the germination rate of the Sea Holly seeds. Sea Holly are generally very hardy so should not be too hard to grow from seed, we advise sowing these any time between February and July. Unfortunately it appears they have been planted too early, which has resulted in the seeds not germinating. I hope that helps, Terri

  3. Doreen Lyons says:

    Dear sirs, As a novice on my lap top….I would like to share my excitement growing
    marigolds this year for the first time, I repland my old rose bed at the front of my bungalow
    after easter…(wanted something different) made a large bed with reclaimed house bricks
    (a domino effect ) Then planted 12 marigold plants that Now Mesure…..wait for it …….
    ONE PLANT = 34 inches x 33 inches along with red begonias completing the effect…….
    every one comments when passing…..What a Show….

    Yes I have taken photos, but l don’t know how to send them to you….

    PS l enjoy watching what mother nature dose also for me……self seeds “Godetia”/”Corn
    flowers from my last year borders to an array of colour….I even left them on my driveway,
    again what a show for FREE……

    All my photos are on my lap top but I don’t know what to do to send them.

    your Doreen

    PPS could l enter your competition?


  4. Kathryn belcher says:

    Well here goes. This year my small garden has in it a bright pink clematis that was on a final warning (grow or you are out!). Replanted behind a palm tree stump it is flowering its heart out so it must prefer its roots in shade. Having paid more than I ever do for sweet peas they are shooting up the wicker canes. My 2 clematis ( Mother’s Daypresents) are just about to flower. Just been given 20 runner bean plants. Bit leggly so will plant to grow up the arch so will up date you. 4 strawberries on my new plants will the squirrels get to them first. Alone strawberries are running riot amongst the paving. Potatoes are popping up all over the place too. The hedgehog seems to be eating the pests as well as the birds. Regards the lazy gardener

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