The Big Begonia Revival

We’re very excited to announce the launch of our new blog, The Big Begonia Revival!

The Big Begonia Revival

Begonia ‘Fragrant Falls Improved™’

Considered to be old-fashioned and having no place in modern gardens, begonias have had a bit of bad press in the past. However, Michael Perry, Thompson & Morgan’s new product development manger, says that they are making a comeback. The new blog has been set up to celebrate begonias and show just how important they are in British gardens.

New breeding methods mean that begonias are able to cope with our unpredictable weather – when many other plants succumb to heavy downpours or blazing sunshine, begonias just keep on flowering. In Thompson & Morgan’s own trial grounds in Ipswich, some varieties flowered from June to November – none of the other summer bedding plants could compete with such staying power! And begonias are not just for flower beds – they perform just as well in containers, Flower Pouches™, hanging baskets and window boxes, and will thrive in sun and shade.

The Big Begonia Revival features blog posts from our horticultural experts Andrew Tokely and Michael Perry, and also our plant breeders Charles Valin and Sarah Curtis. They’ll give an insight into the history of begonias, how to grow begonias from tubers and seed, FAQs. They’ll also tell us why they think begonias are such great plants for all gardens. We’ll feature competitions, advice from our customer trial panel and much more.

This season we’ve introduced some fantastic new varieties, including the stunning ‘Fragrant Falls Improved™’. Each flower has a different fragrance and, whatever the weather, the gorgeous scent will not fade. But it’s not just about the new varieties – we’ll give you the low-down on the best varieties to grow in your garden, including some of our best sellers and customer favourites.

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  1. Jill Fox says:

    We are big fans of begomias – do you have any trailing varieties?

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