Win plants in our new prize draw

Win Petunia ‘Purple Tower’ plants and a climbing frame worth £20.98 in our new prize draw!

Win plants in our new prize draw

Win Petunia ‘Purple Tower’ plants in our new prize draw

This competition is now closed. Please visit our main competitions page for more chances to win prizes.

This week we’re offering you the chance to win Petunia ‘Purple Tower’ plants and a climbing support frame!

Petunia ‘Purple Tower’ is a world-exclusive for Thompson & Morgan and comes from our own breeding programme.

It’s one of the fastest growing petunias you’ll find and is perfect for growing up frames and trellis and looks simply beautiful cascading over low walls.

It flowers from June to September, giving you months of rich purple, fragrant blooms.

Both the plants and climbing frame are available to buy online from the Thompson & Morgan website.

All you have to do is leave a comment on any of our blog posts between now and midnight on Sunday 17th February 2013 and you’ll be entered into the prize draw.

Please read our terms and conditions before taking part.

Terms and conditions

Prize Draw:
Blog Comments Prize Draw – Closing date 11:59pm (GMT) on Sunday 17th February 2013

The Thompson & Morgan Blog Comments Prize Draw runs until Sunday 17th February 2013. All the entries that we receive online before the closing time detailed above will be subject to approval by the blog administrator. Only approved comments will be included in the prize draw. Any comments deemed to be inappropriate or spam will be excluded. The winner will be drawn at random by the eCommerce Manager under the independent supervision of a Director and will receive 12 plugs of Petunia ‘Purple Tower’ and a climbing frame.

The winners will be notified by 5:00pm on Monday 18th February 2013 and the prize will be sent directly to the winner. There will be no cash alternative available. Thompson & Morgan UK accepts no responsibility/liability for any and all electronic, network, computer or other technical malfunctions or any human error that may occur on collecting, processing and transmission of data. In the event that data entered for the draw becomes corrupted, this data will be excluded from the prize draw. Entrants agree to be bound by these rules.

The winner’s name will be featured on the Thompson & Morgan UK Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and blog pages. Once the winner has been contacted to be advised that they have won, it is then the responsibility of the winner to provide their name, address, email address and any different delivery address for their prize within 7 days of notification.

The name and county of the prize winner will be made available following receipt of an appropriately worded letter addressed and sent to Web Team, Thompson & Morgan UK, Poplar lane, Ipswich, Suffolk IP8 3BU, enclosing a stamp addressed envelope. Thompson & Morgan UK reserve the right not to respond to such requests if received more than ninety (90) days after the winner is chosen. All prizes will be despatched by the end of March 2013.

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  1. Aziz says:

    Just done the garden and need plenty of flowers, shrubs, fruit trees etc. to fill up the spaces! These will do nicely to help brighten the garden up.

  2. fred hammett says:

    for a few years now i have been asking you not to send fuchsias in march now you send them in April which is great because there is less Chance of loosing them.
    my Clematis was not very good last year i have dug them up and trimmed the roots repotted them with fresh compost and fed them.but a lot of People had the same Problem last year.thankyou fred hammett

  3. Meryl Rimmer says:

    I’ve recently moved house & I’ve found Thompson & Morgan invaluable with ideas for new plants for my garden. This one would certainly be a welcome addition!

  4. karen d says:

    what a fabulous display this would make

  5. Julie Bowman says:

    I moved into a new house 18 months ago and my first gardening task was to create a wildflower section. Looking at it today though it’s a little sad and really needs some work. Roll on spring to actually get something growing!

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Well, it looks like spring has finally arrived in Ipswich – we hope it has in your part of the world too!

  6. Gerald Donnelly says:

    I wonder if I could get lucky

  7. nat davies says:

    This would be a really welcome addition to my very sparse garden !

  8. Jill Ashton says:

    Brilliant prize, my garden desperately need some colour!

  9. Charlotte Hoskins says:

    Although we bought our house over two years ago, we have not yet attacked the garden which is currently a concrete garden. It would be lovely to add some natural life :)

  10. Hannah says:

    These are lovely and would look great in our garden

  11. Allan Dixon says:

    This would suit my garden down to perfection, just what I need to transform my jungle.

  12. Tareen says:

    These look gorgeous.

    just creating a garden from scratch… no plants at all just bare grass so it’s an adventure but short on plants will take a few years to populate it

  13. margaret roper says:

    purple …my favourite colour indoors, would be wonderfull to co ordinate my garden as well. will keep my green fingers crossed, but good luck to who ever wins and enjoy.

  14. Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

    We’ve just selected the winner – Pete is the lucky chap who will be receiving 12 plugs plants of Petunia ‘Purple Tower’ and a climbing frame to grow them on. Congratulations to Pete and thank you again to everyone who entered the competition.

  15. Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

    Hello everyone and thank you for all your comments. Please forgive me for not replying to you individually (I normally do!). The competition is now closed and we’ll be drawing the winner soon… watch this space!

  16. karen d says:

    so looking forward to spring and seeing all the plants burst into life

  17. Diane Duggan says:

    Really pretty flowers – I grew nasturtiums last year and they filled my garden but I think I’ll
    grow Petunias this year now I’ve seen these.

  18. Chris Williams says:

    love these and they would be fab to replace my poor clemetis that I lost last year in my front garden. gorgeous colour too.

  19. Vicky M. says:

    my mum is elderly and has just moved to sheltered accomodation – she has not got any plants yet and would love this as she is still a keen gardener and loves planting things, even although I help her with the bigger plants and digging :o)

  20. Sue Buckman says:

    These would really brighten up my decking.

  21. Hazel Rea says:

    What a brilliant way to add a lot of colour to the patio.

  22. Linda Smart says:

    These would look wonderful against the new fence I have had put up.

  23. lynn neal says:

    These would make a beautiful addition to my garden!

  24. Kelly Ellen Hirst says:

    Oh fab!

  25. itsreallyjen says:

    wow, stunning purple, would feel so so lucky to win this and prettify my garden

  26. sandra cloud says:

    awesome fantastic prize!

  27. Tina says:

    Just Beautiful!

  28. Dawn Adams says:

    Would love to grow these to hide a ugly fence. Just love Petunias.

  29. melanie stirling says:

    This is beautiful,I absolutely love it!

  30. meriel jones says:

    Would bring some welcome height into my flat garden

  31. Claire Hall says:

    Wowzers I jhave the perfect home for these!!!! xxx

  32. Susan Peart says:

    Oooh so pretty! Would love that on my patio x

  33. carol dodds says:

    These petunias look lovelu and I can just picture the lovely colour in my garden

  34. Claire Barker says:

    What a beautiful, colourful and fragrant display.

  35. Carol Pauls says:

    I would love to win this purple is such a cheerful colour and T & M plants are such good quality and flower for soooooooooo long.

  36. shirley crowson says:

    Think I would be the envy of the neighbours if I won this prize, I always use petunias in my hanging baskets but have never seen them growing up a tower like that

  37. jay says:

    my garden looks pityful…this would brighten it and me up no end.

  38. Sue Warr says:

    I’d love to win this for my Mum – a keen gardener who’s currently being run ragged looking after my Nan! We all love the colour purple!!

  39. Dawn Henson says:

    What beautiful flowers – Keeping fingers crossed

  40. mary curran says:

    all the plants are stunning

  41. john eastwell says:

    I know just the place I want to put them …

  42. Christine Sunter says:

    These would look great in my corner of the garden which is devoted to purple/blue and yellow!

  43. Sally Wilkins says:

    I’ve been trying to imagine what this lovely purple petunia would look like if it grew up my apple tree and bloomed with the apple blossom and the clematis which now covers it. It’s a day dream I know but last year it was breathtakingly beautiful.

  44. Valerie Batty says:

    Something colourful to look forward to in these dull and miserable days.

  45. Petra Hora says:

    This would love amazing in our garden as we just moved to our new house.

  46. Lynn Doe says:

    They are so pretty, would really brighten up my garden :)

  47. Isabell Whitenstall says:

    If only I could grow plants like this I would be over the moon.

  48. kim mayhead says:

    I would love to win these petunia’s

  49. Rikka B says:

    The Purple Tower looks stunning. This weekend I hope to be re-assembling my plastic greenhouse which was lifted from its moorings by strong winds in early December.

  50. Rachel Harding says:

    I order my plants and seeds from Thompson & Morgan every year and they never fail

  51. honeybee says:

    New home; new garden… would love to see this beautiful flowering plant take pride of place in my small garden especially now I’ve done all the early spring digging and prep and my arms, shoulders & thighs are burning!

  52. Cadizzy says:

    Just spent the day gardening – well in the greenhouse mostly – and everything is showing signs of life. Looking forward to Spring and all those lovely bedding plants

  53. Jayne K says:

    I had some of the climbing petunias a couple of years ago and I didn’t think they’d be much good. They were great and very prolific!!

  54. natalie baugh says:

    i would love to win these for my mother who loves plants/flowers. They would look great in her garden :)

  55. Alison says:

    Wow! The tower plant looks beautiful! Would fit right in my garden

  56. Gill Thurgood says:

    I live in an old house and am trying to give the garden a country garden feel. These would add a wonderful splash of colour to the patio for months

  57. ROS Thompson says:

    I love petunias and these are such a vibrant colour. I feel sure we are going to get a beautiful summer so that they will look their best. We deserve one!

  58. claire wilkinson says:

    fab would love to win, my garden is bare!!

  59. Susan Bowles says:

    Wow a real show stopping colour ! these petunias are sure to be popular and after a very long drab winter the thought of these flowers gracing my garden is quite cheering.

  60. Diane Ayres says:

    Beautiful plant, hope I’m lucky!

  61. Rob Clayton says:

    cant believe how tall the plant grows from such a small pot, look awesome, love purple

  62. Karen Richards says:

    Love petunias but mind never look that good. Do you use a special feed.

  63. stacey says:

    I’d love to be able to get these for my hubbie, he loves his garden but rarely has the funds to spend on it, he’d love these.

  64. Jennifer Deavall says:

    What a great prize! Good luck everybody.

  65. Carol P says:

    It would be lovely to be able to grow such a lovely display

  66. susan thornton says:

    What a beautiful display, I would love to see these outside my back door against a drab wall, what a colour boost! x

  67. pete says:

    look very nice, and easy to look after

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Pete, you are our winner! Congratulations! I’ll send you an email to let you know how to claim your prize. Best wishes, Rebecca.

  68. Harline Parkin says:

    I love gardening and can’t wait for spring to arrive I’d love to win these

  69. Karen de Ronde says:

    I’ve just moved in to a house with a much smaller garden than I’ve been used to and these would look fabulous on my patio

  70. Roger Stanley says:

    These would look “blooming” marvelous on my patio

  71. Annita Marquardt says:

    Petunias are such a reliable plant in the garden. Always have had good experiences with them.

  72. Allan Dixon says:

    This looks wonderful,typical of the excellent quality of all of your plants.

  73. Kelly says:

    lovely! Thanks for my order, it arrived yesterday :) Kust have to brave the slightly chilly garden now!

  74. Patsy Davies says:

    Purple is my favourite colour – I even wore a purple dress to get married in last summer!

  75. Catherine Thomas says:

    looks awesome.. cannot wait till spring to get out in the garden again :)

  76. valerie slatter says:

    These are beautiful flowers and would make even a wasteland look pretty

  77. hazel lawes says:

    these would look lovely in tall pots with the 100 oriental lilly bulbs i have
    ordered this week

  78. Pauline Irvine says:

    These are beautiful! I’d love these in my garden just to add a cascade of colour. They’d go perfectly with my idea this year of trying to get taller plants that just splash colour everywhere. I have ordered the Tree Lillies for the first time and I intend to build a flower tower using different sized pots to raise the colours.

  79. Jen says:

    Would Like to win some of These FAB Looking Plants but Not for Me, for My Mum as She has Helped Me SO Much this Last Year.
    Thank You

  80. Niki Preston says:

    Petunias are my husbands favourite flower. We have to have a garden full every year. I have ordered all my petunias, and many many other plugs from T and M already. In fact as soon as the catalogue landed I was ordering :) Purple is my favourite colour in the garden to and the frame would really turn these gorgeous blooms into quite a show. As a disabled gardener I have to pop everything into raised beds and pots. I love my garden and will do anything and everything to make sure I can always be out there. T and M most definitely help me to continue gardening. Thank you for your brilliant plants. Nx

  81. Daisymaebee Griffin says:

    Just what I need to cover the grotty garage wall that is our neighbours that runs down the side of my garden. This would be wonderful

  82. Sue Dorking says:

    these are show-stopping gorgeous and would make such a stunning entrance placed by my front door. Love the retro purple.

  83. Romana Richards says:

    It’s a good way of making a big statement on the patio. So quick and easy to do. You could have pots at various stages so you are never caught short!

  84. Jasper says:

    It’s a Purple Tower flower power bower!


    i love thompson and morgan plants they last a lot longer than others and have a well establishd root to help when planting at home

  86. jennifer hull says:

    i would be on a purple cloud to have this on my patio !!!!!!!!!!!!! it would look fabulous

  87. d rooney says:

    a flower that would compiment any garden

  88. K.C.Mankell says:

    Hopefully this would be something to cheer up an elderly relative with dementia.

  89. Lisa Day says:

    These are so pretty and will really be a lovely addition to the garden.

  90. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    Something like this would look stunning in a corner on my decking :-)

  91. Julie Jones says:

    These look lovely, petunias are my favourite summer plants, they are my first choice for the front garden and baskets every year.

  92. Priscilla Stubbs says:

    These petunias are very impressive. It is nice to think about Summer planting, let’s hope we have a good one.

  93. Tamara Payne says:

    I live these plants and I grow them every year

  94. K Mansour says:

    This would be fabulous in my garden!

  95. Karen Barritt says:

    purple is my favorite colour. Everything in my house is purple so a lovely purple climbing petunia would be a perfect edition to the garden. I am also considering the climbing geranium skyrocket which would look great at the front of my house. Lovely cant wait for the summer flower blooms.

  96. jean burwell says:

    would love to win these had some two years ago they did what it said and climed to the top off the frame thank you

  97. Louise Colwill says:

    These petunias look absolutely fabulous! Keep up the good work bringing us such glorious blooms Thompson and Morgan.

  98. Peter, Critchley says:

    I don’t trust anyone else for my plants other than Thompson & Morgan. Over the years my garden has been filled with great plants, lasting well and always looking great people often say how lovely my garden looks even won a couple of garden competitions.
    Thank you Thompson & Morgan.

  99. Jo Hutchinson says:

    it is very beautiful and perfect to hide an ugly wall.

  100. emma says:

    What a wonderful and beautiful plant you have done well T&M purple is my favourite colour x

  101. Caroline newman says:

    These are amazing I would love some in my garden a great alternative to clematis

  102. Sam Horrocks says:

    finally some bold colour in these grey days

  103. debbie lasalle says:

    gosh well were to start, i have a lovely community garden in -between 10 houses back to back, alas last year i was made redundant as many people have been, and would be so grateful of any thing,even a pact of sweet peas, would be fantastic, i do adore it when little seedlings pop there head ‘s up, it has got to be the best thrill ever,.happy gardening to all,deb,x

  104. Sam Munnings says:

    My favorite flower! I grow them every year and would love this as did not have success last year (slugs!!!) Would look great on my new allotment!

  105. erzsike says:

    Wow, these are stunning! I’ve had climbing geraniums before, but never petunias! I always have a mix in pouches, so I would love to give these a try. Thanks.

  106. Fahima says:

    I wish my self best of luck to win this great gift!!!!

  107. Stuart MacRae says:

    I’m positive those purple petunias would prettify my pied-à-terre, please post to me, I’m willing to share!

  108. Bruno Nicolai says:

    Well done T&M!

  109. Anne Lewis says:

    They would look wonderful in my garden!

  110. Jo says:

    Oh I’d defintely love to win these. Our garden could seriously do with some cheering up and it’d make a lovely birthday present to myself from life :)

  111. Miruna Po says:

    I had these last year, they were gorgeous, and they grew very long, indeed!

  112. Tristan Bawn says:

    Our garden needs a colour boost! One year into buying our new house, our wild and overgrown garden has been a tough challenge! I would plant this near the window to get the colour flooding through on those dull days!

  113. Louise Rowley-Spendlove says:

    Hi Rebecca,
    This climber looks amazing and being in a pot means it would be portable so i am sure there are a few places i can pop this to get some impact in the garden.

  114. Joanne Voss says:

    I would love these wonderful flowers in my garden, your flowers are amazing, recently i have planted your lily tree bulbs and these would look perfect to fit in my colour theme :) x
    They look gorguous <3. :)

  115. Cath Joyce says:

    The purple looks stunning!

  116. Tracie watson says:

    Am still learning and suppose I always will about gardening, but one thing I’m sure off is that for sure that will fit into my country garden no problem, and give me something else to tell my kids, as they sigh as soon as I even mention a seed or plant, they will catch the gardening bug like I have, I will wear them down ha ha x

  117. julie jordan says:

    these would be great as a present for my daughter in law as they have just bought their first house and purple is her favourite colour

  118. Chris Matthews says:

    Love Purple ! Redesigning our garden after being flooded, so all plants gratefully received !!

  119. lianne martin says:

    these look stunning ,i love to fill my garden with colour and these are perfect

  120. FARIDAH BROOKER says:

    Wow, I just had my garden re-done last summer and purple fits right in with my colour scheme. I’d love these, thanks.

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