Get the inside story on 2 new varieties for 2013

Here’s a sneak peek of some new varieties for 2013 – get the inside story here first!

Get the inside story on 2 new varieties for 2013

Lisianthus ‘Summer Blue Rose’

Summer Blue Roses

As the world battles to create the perfect blue rose, we’ve been a bit cheeky and devised the new blue summer rose!

This gorgeous lilac-blue lisianthus really caught our attention at an autumn trade show last year with its tightly scrolled buds, which seemed to open to a pseudo-English rose flower! Lisianthus are a popular cut flower across Europe, thanks to their elegant form and vase life. They also make an easy patio or border plant, not needing gallons of water and happy in a baking sunny spot too.

So, it’s not a true rose, but won’t you have fun tricking your friends with some homegrown bunches on the dinner table?!

Get the inside story on 2 new varieties for 2013

Petunia ‘Crazytunia Mandevilla’

Crazytunia series

Wow, these petunias certainly live up to their name!

It’s not often this happens, but the breeders of the ‘Crazytunia’ petunias were told to do whatever they wanted with their petunia breeding. So they went a little crazy! The results are phenomenal, with colour combinations you’ll never have seen before and more to come. I was lucky enough to visit the ‘petunia breeding kitchen’ last summer and, if you think these are wow, you just wait until you see the newer varieties. There’s one I’ve already nicknamed ‘Kermit’!

Get the inside story on 2 new varieties for 2013

Petunia ‘Crazytunia Pulse’

Get the inside story on 2 new varieties for 2013

Petunia ‘Crazytunia Wedgwood Blue’

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  1. mrs denise hunt says:

    hi michael
    watch you all the time on qvc
    lots of tips i have learnt from you.
    crazytunia arrive end of may.
    can they go into baskets ,
    straight away ?

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      I’ve just spoken to Michael and he recommends potting them on first and then planting out when there’s no more risk of frost. I hope this helps.

  2. Kevin Davidson says:

    Crazytunia really impressed me. But do they set seeds? I’m from Malaysia and ever bought some seeds from Thompson and Morgan. I really satisfied with the seeds I bought and the plants thrive well and bloom profusely in tropical climates. If there are seeds for crazytunia, I would like to order.

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Hi Kevin, unfortunately Crazytunia petunias don’t set seed, so we won’t be able to offer them to our overseas customers.

  3. Elaine Clowes says:

    When will the lisianthus be available and will you have any more colours available? Thanks

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Hi Elaine, the lisianthus plants are available to buy now and will be sent out by the end of April, in time for planting. Michael will be able to give you more information on colours – I’ve asked him to post a reply too. I hope this helps.

      • Michael Perry Michael Perry says:

        only blue at the moment… but if you like them, that’s good.. maybe we have a pink up our sleeve….!

      • June Thompson says:

        Lisianthus. Are these only supplied as plug plants, or can I get any a little more mature, as I have nowhere to pot on. Thanks.

        • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

          Hi June, we only sell these as plug plants – they’re usually only available from seed. Sorry I can’t help you more with this. Best wishes, Rebecca

  4. Gill Thurgood says:

    Love the colours of the Petunia ‘Crazytunia Pulse’. Will certainly look out for these – already decided where I’ll plant them!

  5. Mrs Linda E Allen says:

    First we had roses that were Red
    then roses that were White
    put them in a bed
    that is just right
    now a Summer rose that is Blue
    I support Red-White & Blue
    Five stars from Mrs Linda E Allen


  6. Mrs Linda E Allen says:

    Looks worth five stars. How about fragrance and price
    Are they value for money?

    How about an e-mail on every T&M order dispatched on the day plants are leaving T&M SO WE KNOW WHEN TO EXPECT THEM

    Mrs Linda E ALLEN

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Thank you for your comments Mrs Allen. I’m sorry it’s taken a while to reply to your questions. We’re currently doing a lot of behind-the-scenes work on our website and ordering systems and, while we’re not currently able to offer automated emails alerting customers that products have been despatched, it is on the agenda. I’ve asked Michael Perry to answer your questions about the plants – he’ll be able to give his expert opinion!

    • Michael Perry Michael Perry says:

      We do believe these new plants are great value for money – the petunias flower all summer long and the lisianthus is a fabulous cut flowers and will last for up to 2 weeks. Neither of these are scented, but their beauty more than compensates for the lack of fragrance.

  7. Sue Sheard says:

    Would like to see a combination called Kermit and Miss Piggy. In my mind’s eye I see Kermit as an acid green bloom and Miss Piggy a fragrantly scented popsicle pink, the two intertwined and tumbling down a row of towers.

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