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10 terrific organic and permaculture gardeners

Do you long to garden the natural way? Take a look at our collection of great organic and permaculture blogs. They’re sure to provide the inspiration, tips and ideas you need to change the way you grow. Lovely Greens You don’t have to spend money to make your garden...

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Autumn is coming!

With Autumn now really with us it is time to get the garden and veg plot sorted for the winter. The first task was to lift the last of the main crop  potatoes, Sarpo Mira, these had chance to dry in the sun and then get bagged up in the hessian sacks I use.  All the...

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Why I love September!

Yum, I love this time of year! September seems to have an endless supplies of tomatoes, so I know Ill be making my end of season tomato soups. I chop up the tomatoes, one onion and about three cloves of garlic and a few chilis. I roast them off for about 40 minutes...

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10 awesome allotment blogs

There’s an allotment revival going on at the moment. And it’s no wonder. Growing your own helps you eat better and cheaper, get fit, and spend quality time outdoors with friends and family. If you fancy grabbing a piece of the ‘good life’ for yourself, then have a...

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Trial plants at Driftwood Gardens

So, as we approach the end of the season, how have then plants received this year fared? Without doubt the one that has excelled and received many comments from our many visitors is Petunia Amore “Queen of Hearts”. It has  flowered prolifically throughout the season...

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August – What a month!

Hi Everyone, Where to start? What a month - the weather has been just awful, heavy rain, westerly winds and foggy overcast days. The perfect way to ruin a summer garden and then just when you've decided to pack up the patio furniture for next year, guess what the sun...

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All Things Bright and Beautiful

After a busy week with barely a peep outside, I went into the garden this morning and I felt a none too subtle shift from high summer towards early autumn. There I was last Sunday extolling the virtues of planting for late summer colour, marvelling at the fact that my...

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Growing at home and at work!

One of my earliest memories is of helping my Mum and Dad weed the veggie plot and collecting chicken eggs from the chooks at the end of the garden. I grew up on a farm as a child and always had my own piece of land to grow and learn with, so I suppose it’s in the...

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