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It’s the beginning of Thompson & Morgan’s Fuchsia Festival; and we think you’re heading for a long, colourful and care-free summer! In the UK, we know fuchsias quite well. Even if you’re a non-gardener, I bet you’ll have had a grandma or uncle who grew fuchsias of... read more

Instant Gardening – new range of large, mature plants

There’s a certain sense of satisfaction and achievement that comes from raising our seed and plug plant varieties to maturity, but we know there are times when something a little more immediate is called for. If you lack the time or space to grow on our young... read more

The Fuchsia Festival

We will be celebrating all things fuchsia in 2015 with a filled fuchsia festival calendar of online activities running right through to autumn. We have top growing advice from our experts, exciting blogs from customers and staff and on top of that we are launching... read more

Spring 2015 – what’s new?

If you haven’t requested your spring 2015 catalogue yet then you need to! This is one of our most exciting catalogues yet, bursting at the seams with new varieties, fragrant collections, competitions, offers and so much more. So, what is new? Our Incredi-range®  is... read more

Gardening New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of year where we start to make commitments to join the gym, stop smoking, or to tick something else off our bucket list. But, what we want to know are your gardening New Year resolutions. Is there anything you did wrong last year that you will not... read more

Therapeutic Gardening – How has it helped Melanie ?

Here Thrive, the UK charity that uses therapeutic gardening to change lives, shows how it has made a difference to Melanie’s life. Two years ago when Melanie came to Thrive just after her father died, she was, in her own words, a different person. Losing both parents... read more

What soil type do I have?

It is really important for any gardener to spend time finding out what soil type they have in their garden. There is no point investing in plants and trying to grow specific varieties that simply won’t grow in your soil conditions.  Finding out what soil type you have... read more

Gardening is a waiting game

Gardening isn’t one of those hobbies that we can just roll out of bed and do such as running or dancing. It requires a considerable amount of time to carefully plan what to sow and when. Therefore, gardening is a bit of a waiting game, and sometimes our patience is... read more


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