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Sloes, Quickly…… Or, your foraged drinks cabinet

Everyone loves a freebie, don’t they? Couple that with a claim of said freebie as provider of joy and you’d be shooting that person a kind yet concerned look.  Have a sit down and have some sugary tea, you’d gently suggest. And yet it’s true, alright, kind of true. ...

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9 wonderful Welsh garden bloggers

What do they grow in Wales? Everything from wildflowers and ornamental grasses to home-grown vegetables. Here we reach beyond traditional stereotypes to bring you the lowdown on what – apart from leeks and daffs – makes the garden grow for green-fingered Welsh...

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Breaking Down Barriers

Five years ago my local horticultural society was on the brink of extinction. Membership numbers had dwindled and the society was losing hundreds of pounds every year.  The main expense was the putting on of the shows. Something had to change or the society would have...

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Pumpkin twins’ giant beats their own record!

At this weekend’s Autumn Pumpkin Festival in Netley, Southampton, sponsored by Thompson & Morgan, no less than four British records were broken. Stuart and Ian Paton broke the record that they set in 2016 for the heaviest pumpkin to be grown in the UK. Weighing in at...

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Climbing Rose Pruning

Hello October. October is my favourite month, as I can do my favourite annual job in the garden. A lot of people seem to be scared of rose pruning, but I actually love it. The more challenging the better. Each year the lovely Rosa “Climbing Shot Silk” gets a tidy up....

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The Importance of Proper Greenhouse Ventilation

Gardening enthusiast and exotic plant lover Clive Harris of DIY Garden shares his knowledge on why greenhouse ventilation is so important. Many novice gardeners are afraid of greenhouses, considering them high-maintenance mediums for demanding plants. However, modern...

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7 supreme Scottish gardening blogs

With wild chunks of land in the countryside and petite backyards in the capital, veg plots and flowerbeds, these are seven of our favourite Scottish gardening bloggers. Dig in! A Pentland Garden Diary When Nadine Pierce and her ‘partner in gardening grime’ Sandy moved...

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September in Pembrokshire

Welcome Everyone, As you know from previous September blogs I love this month. I love the last of the warm sunny days, before the transformation of of Autumn, with its crisp mornings, wood-smoke, and crunchy colourful leaves. Though this September has not been the...

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