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Was it a bird? Was it a squirrel?………….

.............I actually found out later that it was a Sugar Glider from Australia. Whilst walking away from a garden centre to the car I saw something on the trunk of one of the Yucca trees that was in a planter just outside the entrance.  As we got closer it looked...

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Thompson & Morgan Triallist’s Blog – July 2017

GAPS KEEP APPEARING I feel sorry for David, I really do! He can’t help getting nervous when every time I go into the garden I dig up any plant that displeases me, seemingly on a whim. He reckons if he stands still too long I‘ll get rid of him an’all! I felt so...

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Jack’s Top Ten Beginners’ Tools for Gardening

Watering Can – there is something satisfying about watering  plants from a watering can. My favourite is an old fashioned aluminium one with a long spout. Ideally the water should be sourced from a water butt in order to recycle the rain, but obviously that's not...

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Gardening for Beginners

Five years ago our lives were very different.  My wife and I were both commuting for at least 2 hours a day whilst using a childminder to look after our young family. We were on a treadmill of long days and early mornings without a great quality of life.  Something...

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The Three C’s – courgettes, cucumbers and cucamelons!

The Three C's Every time I offer some knowledge with regards to growing crops for your business, the first question is always, so how long have you been growing the beard? It's not really the first, it's about the 5th question! They actually want to know the easiest...

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Can’t Stop the Harvest

Everyday there is something else to pick, cook and preserve.  If Gooseberries are your thing this year's harvest has given you something to shout about. So many in the freezer, given away and eaten it has to be a record year. That goes for all the harvest of the other...

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The A-Z of Fun Activities for children

With the summer holidays about to start, it's not always easy to get children away from their toys and out into the fresh air. However, inspired by the youngsters in our family, here is the A-Z of things to do right now! A - Acting a play. Let their imagination run...

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Amanda’s June 2017 blog

Hello Everyone, Firstly may I apologise for the lack of a May blog, I've been busy in the garden, but I also had a major setback. As some of my regular readers would know for the past year I've been fighting ovarian cancer, but many of you might not know I was born...

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