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8 inspiring indoor garden blogs

Gardening’s not all about braving the weather and turning over forkfuls of soil. Thousands of gardeners get their horticultural joy indoors, tending their plants in the shelter of their homes. Here are a few of our favourite indoor gardening bloggers - read on, take a...

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September – A Lofty Experience

Listen, I’m all for a challenge but opening your garden for charity in October? That’s a new one on me! Way, way back in April our garden was recommended to a local U3A group by A Friend (you know who you are!) as ideal for visiting in autumn. How flattering, I...

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Still blooming fabulous at Ipswich station!

We were alerted last week by a customer on Twitter who remarked on the impressive sight of Thompson & Morgan’s begonia pots at Ipswich station. We quickly despatched T&M’s intrepid photographer, Helen Freeman, to capture proof that these fabulous plants were indeed...

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Interview with a Giant Pumpkin Maker

Recently, I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to talk to Ian Paton about his success at growing record-winning pumpkins. Last year Ian and his twin brother Stuart broke the UK record for the heaviest pumpkin grown indoors, which weighed in at a whopping 2252lbs...

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10 terrific organic and permaculture gardeners

Do you long to garden the natural way? Take a look at our collection of great organic and permaculture blogs. They’re sure to provide the inspiration, tips and ideas you need to change the way you grow. Lovely Greens You don’t have to spend money to make your garden...

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Autumn is coming!

With Autumn now really with us it is time to get the garden and veg plot sorted for the winter. The first task was to lift the last of the main crop  potatoes, Sarpo Mira, these had chance to dry in the sun and then get bagged up in the hessian sacks I use.  All the...

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Why I love September!

Yum, I love this time of year! September seems to have an endless supplies of tomatoes, so I know Ill be making my end of season tomato soups. I chop up the tomatoes, one onion and about three cloves of garlic and a few chilis. I roast them off for about 40 minutes...

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10 awesome allotment blogs

There’s an allotment revival going on at the moment. And it’s no wonder. Growing your own helps you eat better and cheaper, get fit, and spend quality time outdoors with friends and family. If you fancy grabbing a piece of the ‘good life’ for yourself, then have a...

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