Winter Plants – Pretend it’s summer all through the winter

Don’t get caught out with empty pots and desolate borders this winter. Just a few minutes ordering some winter plants now will ensure your garden is a riot of colour this winter, just as it has been all summer!

Pansies are a staple of the winter garden. They thrive in cold, icy weather, and if you choose Pansy ‘Matrix’, you’ll get even stronger plants than those in the shops. Better branching means more flowers, and even then the flowers are super sized! They’re great value when you buy them as a plug, and all they need is a little potting on, no greenhouse required!

winter plants

Primroses are another ‘toughie’ for winter and spring colour, and will even push their rainbow coloured flowers through coverings of snow.  Look out for the crazy looking ‘Firecracker’, which is about as far from a traditional primrose as you can get! If this isn’t quite your thing, then give ”Arctic mixed’ a go, with almost every colour combo you can think of. The difference between primroses and polyanthus is that primroses have stems each with a single bloom, whilst polyanthus cluster 15 or more at the tip of a stem. ‘Crescendo’ is undoubtedly the best of the polyanthus!

winter plants

Set up some shrubs to give your borders some ‘padding’- Cornus ‘Midwinter Fire‘ is named appropriately, as the bare stems shine orange-red through the winter. Other great filler shrubs with winter colour and fragrance are tongue-twisting sarcococca with powerfully fragrant blooms, and a low habit, great for hedging. I’d also recommend filling your borders with hellebores too, we have world class breeding, which offers you strong plants, delicate blooms, and most importantly, they’re out when nothing else is!

Plan your garden for a stunning display

Don’t get caught out with a dull garden next spring… just a bit of planning now could mean you have a display to be proud of!

Plan your garden for a stunning display

Pansy ‘Matrix Mixed’

We offer a huge range of young plants which can’t be found elsewhere; selected for garden performance, and unique and often exclusive. Plants for hanging baskets, window boxes, pots, beds and borders, everything from pansies to polyanthus, wallflowers to violas.

I know how dull the winter and spring can be, so you’ll find our designer mixes and blends are put together with colour AND fragrance in mind – our ‘Most Scented’ range is a great example of this. We’ve been sniffing 100s of varieties to make sure we have the most aromatic ones all in a single mixture. Imagine how that sweet fragrance will punch through the winter air!

Plan your garden for a stunning display

Primrose ‘Husky Mixed’

For winter-flowering, plants also need to be tough and hardy, so that’s why we’ve put together mixes like primrose ‘Husky Mixed’, which thrives in cold, snowy conditions. And with pansy ‘Matrix Mixed’, the strongest pansy in the marketplace, plants are 3 times the size of usual pansies, with extra branching, giving extra flowers on a stronger, hardier growth habit.

Primrose – the queen of spring!

Primrose 'Husky' Mixed

Primrose ‘Husky’ Mixed


Just a few minutes planning now can make your outdoor space the envy of all once spring arrives! And this is all thanks to the queen of spring, the primrose!

When you think the garden has given up the ghost and you’re cranking up the central heating indoors, primroses are outside flourishing! ‘Husky’ is an especially hardy variety, which shrugs off cold and snow. Great colour mix, as with our new ‘Improved Mix of Alaska’, 20 different colours – wowsers!

Last season we also had some fun putting together the best fragrant types too, ‘World’s Most Scented Mix’ is a hand-selected blend… or rather nose-selected!

Primula Double 'Lipstick'

Primula Double ‘Lipstick’

Or you can go big and blousy with ‘Berryblossom Mixed’, tightly packed rosebud blooms in a Valentine’s style colour mix – grow a pot for your beloved this February maybe!

How’s about a designer blend too? ‘Woodland Dell’ is a true connoisseur’s variety, with blushed pink blooms on dark, nearly black foliage! Or try ‘Double Lipstick’- it’s a bit more pricey but well worth the investment for the fancy buds and blooms!

But when’s a primrose not a primrose? Well, when it’s a polyanthus. Primroses have 1 bloom per stem, but many stems. Polyanthus have just 1 stem with a cluster of blooms piled on top! ‘Crescendo’ is the oldest and still the best, colourful but very hardy too.

Polyanthus 'Crescendo®' Mixed

Polyanthus ‘Crescendo®’ Mixed

So, to get started, order young plants now, pot them on and you’ll have some nicely established plants by late autumn, when you can plant out into borders or patio pots!



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Summer’s over, what next? Michael Perry asks

Tulip Everlasting Mixture

Tulip Everlasting Mixture

I think it has happened.

When leaving the house today; the feeling of autumn seemed to have descended. Although bright and sunny, the temperature was cooler and there were misty windows. Darn, I’ll have to start wearing socks again!

So what do we do now summer’s ‘over’?

In terms of summer bedding, there’s no need to hurry, just enjoy it while it lasts, trimming and dead-heading here and there. You might want to clear some areas to make way for bulb plantings though…

Now’s the ideal time to plant a tapestry that will burst into life next spring- just at the point where you’ve forgotten you planted it! Think colour, think fragrance and think non-stop interest. Plant up a lasagne of bulbs such as tall tulips (‘Everlasting’ Mixture is great as it comes back year after year, each time as good as the last), sprinkled with the newest and best rainbow daffs (‘Rainbow Butterflies Mixed’, and in the foreground some of our newest and rare crocus cancellatus.

Primrose Primlet Berryblossom Mixed

Primrose Primlet Berryblossom Mixed

And, bedding isn’t just for summer – there are some fab winter and spring varieties you can try too! Save £££s by planning and buying now; the world really is your oyster. There’s as much to choose from as there is for summer! Pansies, primroses, polyanthus, wallflowers, double daisies, violas… the list goes on! A couple of my favourites are pansy ‘Frizzle Sizzle Yellow Blue Swirl’ and the lovely primrose ‘Berryblossom Mixed’.

And if you’ve wanted to try fruit for a bit, now’s the ideal time to give it a go! Strawberries planted in the autumn will actually give 50% more fruit than those planted in the same year. And <a href=”/fruit/fruit-trees”>fruit trees</a> are best planted as bareroot right now – so get out with your spade!

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