We share a gardeners pride and joy in growing flowers and vegetables from seed. There is something slightly satisfying in watching the growth of something you planted and seeing the result after months, even years, of nurturing. Certain flowers and vegetables are only available to grow from seed so why not sow something different today? Here is a sneak peak of our 2015 seed varieties. Full range can be viewed here.

Nigella Papillosa ‘Delft Blue’

NigellaStriking and unusual blue, grey blooms reminiscent of the famous Dutch ‘Delft Blue’ pottery. An easy to grow annual, delightful sown direct as large drifts in borders.

Marigold ‘Konstance’


Large, double mahogany blooms smother this fabulous Afro-French Marigold from midsummer right through to the autumn. These bushy little plants are neat and robust Рjust perfect for filling beds and containers or edging borders with long lasting colour.

Chilli Pepper ‘Paper Lantern’

Chili-pepperMore productive and earlier ripening than a standard habenero – you can expect fruits ready to pick up to a fortnight quicker.¬†Renowned for being blisteringly hot, Paper Lantern makes a tasty addition to hot sauces, salsas and soups – but it’s not for the faint hearted!

Pansy ‘Tasty Mixed’ F1 Hybrid

pansy seed

A colourful mixture of pansies specially selected for their tasty flavours. The mild, sweet and peppery taste flowers make delicious decorations for cakes and puddings as well as salads and savoury tarts.

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