Christmas gifts - Begonia 'Grace'

Begonia ‘Grace’

Thompson & Morgan’s Christmas Gifts range

Our new online Christmas gifts range for 2012 includes fabulous indoor and outdoor plants, such as the award-winning Begonia ‘Grace’, a really festive houseplant with holly-like leaves and red and green petals.

Another one to look out for is the new Poinsettia ‘Prestige Red’, which gives striking colour for 3-4 months and produces stronger stems – with the added bonus of being easy to look after!

We’ve also introduced a range of luxury handmade chocolates from Hadleigh, Suffolk, just a stone’s throw from Thompson & Morgan’s head office. We tested them here, all in the name of essential ‘quality control’ and can honestly say that they really are very nice indeed.

christmas gifts - Poinsettia 'Prestige Red'

Poinsettia ‘Prestige Red’

Some Christmas shopping facts…

With consumers looking for more and more bargains, online shopping, especially at Christmas, is becoming ever more popular.

According to data from Experian Hitwise, not only did shoppers visit 100 million more retail websites during Christmas 2011 than in 2010, but 2011 was the biggest year ever for online shopping. In 2011, consumers spent a whopping 343 million hours doing their Christmas shopping online!

Christmas gifts - Luxury handmade chocolates

Luxury handmade chocolates

It’s not for everyone – many people still love the hustle and bustle of shopping for presents in ‘real’ shops, but for countless others, online shopping is the perfect way to buy all their Christmas presents, minus the stress and hefty car park fees.

But despite all this, Boxing Day is actually the biggest online shopping day of the year! Maybe it’s got something to do with not being able to move after all the Christmas food…

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