Following on from my post last week, here are two more dazzling new plants, each with an interesting twist…

Dazzling new plants with a twist

Rose ‘Waterfall Collection’

Rose ‘Waterfall Collection’

The hanging basket rose idea has been bouncing around our plant-soaked heads for the last few seasons, but until now we hadn’t found a rose with an impressive trail AND fragrance.

Then we found the Waterfall Series, it’s a whole new generation of basket plant.

‘Waterfall’ roses are a refreshing change to fuchsias! Start them off nice and early, I recommend that you plant up a 14 inch basket with 3 plants (1 of each colour). The prostrate habit of the roses soon tumbles down over the sides of the basket, and clusters of perfumed flowers bejewel the stems.

It’s the perfect hanging basket for a baking hot position. Or why not experiment by mixing them up with some geraniums? (Even we haven’t tried this yet!)

Dazzling new plants with a twist

Clematis ‘Top to Bottom’

Clematis Top to Bottom

We’re always looking for gardening and plant solutions. We want to help customers enjoy the plants that grow and for them to give tip top performance.

Many customers love to grow clematis, but one of the main problems can be that they flower all at the top, leaving… ahem… a bare bottom!

When we got chatting to one of our French contacts, they revealed a new clematis range they were looking at with some of the largest blooms we’d ever seen. But what was even better was that each variety was selected for even flowering on the vine, from top to bottom.

These clematis can now be used as specimens – there’s no need to hide them behind shrubs and perennial borders. Be proud, be seen!!

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