Gardening best for job satisfaction

Gardening tops ‘happiness index’

Looking for job satisfaction? Be a gardener!

It’s often been said that a high-paid office job doesn’t necessarily bring happiness and a recent survey by City and Guilds suggests that UK workers agree.

Of the 2,200 people who completed the online survey, a staggering 87% of gardeners and florists said they were happy in their jobs, putting them at the top of the ‘happiness index’.

Managing their own workload and timetables and using and improving their skills on a daily basis all added up to the highest level of job satisfaction, even if that job isn’t particularly well paid.

Bankers came in at the bottom of the happiness index – only 44% said that they felt happy in their jobs.

The survey also revealed that more lower-paid workers felt that they had a good work-life balance and 75% of those who earn less than £15,000 a year said that they thought their jobs were worthwhile.

Nick Bradley, group director at City & Guilds, said: “Most people spend half of their time working, so we wanted to find out what makes people happy at work and how that differs by job role. It’s particularly interesting to see that those who have taken the vocational route are happiest and feel the most pride in their work; there’s certainly something to be said from learning specific skills and working your way up the career ladder.” (Quote source: BBC News)

Rebecca Tute

Rebecca works in the Marketing department as part of the busy web team, focusing on updating the UK news and blog pages and Thompson & Morgan’s international website. Rebecca enjoys gardening and learning about flowers and growing vegetables with her young daughter.

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