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Gardening news - bees, fruit & veg and heavy metal

EC fight to help bees goes on

Neonicotinoid debate goes on

Neonicotinoids have been in the news a lot lately, with the EC calling for a 2-year ban on the use of any pesticides containing the chemicals, claiming that they are harmful to bees. Several studies have been done to find out exactly what happens and it seems that opinions are split. Some research shows that bees’ brains are affected by these pesticides, which make them “unable to learn and then remember floral smells associated with a sweet nectar reward – a skill that is essential for bees in search of food.”  However, a report published by DEFRA says that there is “no link between bee health and exposure to neonicotinoids.” The EC is to appeal and hopes that a ban will still be put in place from July. (Source: BBC News website).


Gardening news - bees, fruit & veg and heavy metal

UK diets lacking in fruit and veg

Eat more fruit and veg!

Britons are reportedly eating 43% more food than they should each year, but 69% less fruit and 75% less vegetables. That means that many of us aren’t getting anywhere near the recommended 5-a-day. The new study by Weight Watchers suggests that we’re eating more butter, meat, biscuits and cakes than we should. Food prices have risen dramatically and growing your own is becoming more and more popular. It’s the perfect way get more fruit and veg in your diet and you know exactly what’s in it and on it.

Heavy metal band supports garden designer

A Northamptonshire garden designer’s dream came true when Metallica donated thousands of pounds to his Hampton Court Palace Show project. MP Louise Mensch (married to the band’s manager) emailed Arek Luc to ask how much he needed to complete the project. A short time later, a cheque for several thousands of pounds arrived in the post from the band’s New York office!

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