The giant pumpkin, which in October broke the UK record for the heaviest pumpkin, has today been cut open so that the seeds inside can be counted. The pumpkin was transported to Thompson & Morgan’s Suffolk headquarters after it tipped the scales at an impressive 1,520lbs at the annual Autumn Pumpkin Festival in Southampton.

The monster pumpkin has been gracing the entrance to our reception area for most of November while it was decided what to do with it. Various ideas were put forward. Should we make a giant pumpkin pie? Should we carve it into a ghoulish face for Halloween? Sadly the pie idea was discounted – our canteen oven wasn’t big enough by far! In the end, we announced an online competition to guess the number of seeds inside this behemoth of a squash.

As the date of the seed count approached, our hard-working groundsmen, Dave Rich and Eddie Margetson were dispatched with appropriate tools to break open the pumpkin (what do you use to crack open a 1,520lb pumpkin?) and extract the seeds. It was a tough job, but they managed to open it up to reveal the cavernous interior and a large number of seeds.

The seeds have now been counted and the giant pumpkin contained 539 seeds! The lucky winner from the 337 competition entrants is Mrs Sophie Dave, who guessed 541 seeds. Mrs Dave will receive £250 worth of Thompson & Morgan vouchers and 5 of the seeds from this record-breaking pumpkin so that she can try her hand at growing a huge exhibit for next year’s competition!

Did you know? Pumpkins get a bit confused as to whether they are a fruit or a vegetable, but like the cucumber and the tomato, they are actually fruit. The pumpkin is a squash, also related to gourds, and is in the genus Cucurbita and the family Cucurbitaceae.

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