growing mushrooms

Mushroom ‘Oyster’

Mushroom growing may seem complicated but our mushroom dowels, mushroom spawn and complete mushroom growing kits all provide full instructions and everything you will need to grow your own mushrooms at home. Mushrooms are virtually fat and calorie-free and packed full of vitamins and minerals to keep you feeling on top form – an 80g serving even counts towards your 5-a-day vegetable target. They are a very rich source of protein and therefore perfect for vegetarians.

Remember – it’s better to grow your own, than to risk picking wild mushrooms!

What is a mushroom dowel?

We supply our Oyster mushrooms, Shiitake mushrooms and Lion’s mane mushrooms as dowels. The wooden dowels are impregnated with mushroom mycelium (mushroom spawn) ready to ‘plant’ into a hardwood log. They should be stored in the fridge or a cool, dark, well ventilated place until ready to use.

growing mushrooms

Full Mushroom ‘Oyster’ straw kit

When do you plant mushroom dowels?

Dowels are available all year, however the logs needed to grow the mushrooms should be cut during the tree’s dormant season, between leaf fall in autumn and early spring. It is recommended that the dowels are planted in the log no longer than 6 weeks after the log has been cut to prevent contamination from unwanted fungi.

How do you plant mushroom dowels?

Drill holes about 15cm (6 inches) apart down the length of the log. Rows only need to be spaced 7.5cm (3 inches) apart around the diameter of the log. Insert the dowels and tap them so they are flush with the log surface. Seal the inoculation holes, any damaged bark and any cut branch-ends with a layer of wax but do not wax the log-ends as some moisture must be allowed in. Position the logs in a shady wooded area or wrap them in black polythene and bury them under ground. You could also place them under evergreen shrubs. Keep an eye on your logs and if there are signs of significant cracking soak the logs in water for 2 days to thoroughly wet the bark. Mushroom mycelium may take between 6 and 18 months to colonise a log. You may see the mycelium appear as a ‘V’ shape at the end of the log. Once logs are fully colonised they can be moved to a warm, sheltered, moist area in dappled shade where they will begin to fruit. Growing mushrooms in woodland is ideal to meet these requirements. Lean the logs with one end on a brick, rock or another log – do not place logs flat on the ground.

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