Anemone Flowered Mix                                                                             Double Flowered Hellebore ‘Selene’

Our plant breeding team is proud to unveil its latest success – two brand new and exclusive mixes of hellebores, the UK’s favourite winter-flowering plants. What makes these hellebore mixes so special is that they are both 100% true to type. This has never been achieved before. Stock is only available from T&M and is understandably limited, but gardeners can pre-order from our website now for delivery next spring.

The hellebores featured in the Anemone Flowered Mix are truly breath-taking with their exquisite central ruff of small petals, pleated like a ballerina’s tutu. They look so delicate, but in fact are incredibly hardy. There are six different varieties in the mix, each one with unique colouring and markings, but all flowering 100% true to type.

The Double Flowered Mix is another selection of six stunning hellebore varieties. Each one is uniquely coloured and patterned, but is 100% double across the mix. Perfect for winter perennial planting schemes, our resident plant breeder, Charles Valin, recommends growing them on a gentle slope where they can really show off!

Charles says:

“We’re renowned for our hellebore breeding programme at Thompson & Morgan, so we have seen some amazing breeding breakthroughs over the years, but these two new mixes are really superb. It’s unheard of for a mix of hellebores to bloom 100% true to type!”

 Hellebores have long been a favourite of Britain’s gardeners. Flowering for well over three months, these tough, durable plants provide colour at a time when gardens are usually drab and wintery.

Why do UK gardeners love hellebores?

It’s because:

  • They provide a long-lasting flowering display from late winter to spring
  • They are robust and long-lived hardy perennials
  • They attract bees and other pollinators, providing food when it is most scarce
  • They make great cut flowers, particularly at a time of year when there’s not much else in the cutting garden

Anemone Flowered Mix comprises varieties Aurora, Juno, Ceres, Diana, Discordia and Juventus and is available from £14.99.

Double Flowered Mix comprises varieties Selene, Athena, Demeter, Artemis, Eris and Hebe and is available from £14.99.

Height and spread up to 40cm (16in)

For more information on Thompson & Morgan’s hellebore breeding programme, go to

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