Initial sales and customer feedback prove the incredi-range is a hit with UK gardeners.

Launching a premium range in a crowded market brings risk, but Thompson & Morgan’s first move into the compost arena has paid off for the mail order specialist and its customers!

Lugging hefty bags of compost to and from the car is now a thing of the past, as is poor quality. Thompson & Morgan customers can now add the incredi-range to their mail order baskets to get the very best from their seeds, plugs and instant impact plants.

The incredi-range includes incredicompost® – a professional grade reduced-peat blend, incredibloom® – a controlled slow release granular fertiliser for ornamental plants, and incredicrop® controlled release feed for edible plants. The range puts reliability back into the compost market, following customer disappointment with existing blends in recent years. Better still, both unique feeds promise 400% more flowers, fruit and veg from a single use.


‘My flowers have never grown so tall we have to watch how we open the bedroom window. What more can I say about this product it is incredible’ – Harry Cook, Customer

As with standard blends, incredicompost® comes with added wetting agent and fertiliser to ensure good growth. What sets it out from the crowd is a pre-packed sachet of incredibloom® in every bag, for mixing in at planting time, ensuring continued strong, healthy growth for 7+ months – a little goes a long way! Separating the feed into a sachet prevents degradation (leading to lack of nutrients for plants) and ‘overheating’ while bagged in storage, which can lead to root scorch when put to use in containers – a common problem with other pre-mixed blends.

Thompson & Morgan Horticultural Director, Paul Hansord, says feedback from customers is really positive and that sales speak for themselves: “Uptake in the first year has outsold our wildest dreams – we’ve sold 65 tons of the fertilisers alone. From what customers are sending us, its going to be a hard job picking a winner for our Plants for Life Competition.”



Customers can send images of plants grown using the incredirange for a chance to win £100 worth of plants every year for life. T&Cs can be found at

A brand new website has been launched, giving sole focus on the range and what it offers the home gardener. As well as technical data and product information, a gallery of customer feedback and images is being built alongside a growing list of retail stockists. Visit for information.

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