It is said that as you get older the excitement over Christmas slowly goes. Is it because we know that our purses will be seeing more action than ever? Or because we know we are going to get the same generic Christmas present? I know that each year I will get perfume, pyjamas, chocolates and a diary for next year and I just don’t get excited any more. It could be that I am just getting old, obnoxious and all in all boring, but sometimes Christmas feels like a chore.

Last year I was given a Christmas bouquet and being a flower lover, I adored it! I was more excited about receiving my bouquet than I was the Calvin Klein perfume. It was something different and meaningful, not something that I had expected. My bouquet certainly lit up the Christmas table and became the topic of many conversations, rekindling my Christmas spirit. It left me wondering, why don’t more people give indoor plants as gifts?



Our customer favourite Hibiscus Christmas gift will bring a touch of tropics to your Christmas festivities. These exceptional, long-life hibiscus plants will deliver weeks of smiles during the festive season. Their decorative candle buds remain tightly closed for up to 14 days before swirling open into the most lavish blooms. ‘Festive Flair’ will re-bloom many times during the year indoors and can also be moved to a sheltered patio during the summer months.



Our top pick is the stunning Gardenia ‘Snowball’. Gorgeous pearlescent blooms and glossy evergreen foliage make a classy statement, further boosted by an exotic perfume to delight the senses. Presented in a zinc cachepot, it will grace any home with a lasting display of opulent beauty and scent.

Why not be spontaneous and treat them to a wonderful indoor plant that they can treasure for time to come. Would you like to receive an indoor gift?

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