Due to the wet winter and mild spell in April my garden is thriving! The perennials and shrubs are looking so advanced in my borders and the lupins are trying to flower already. What is most unusual for this time of year; I have delphiniums in bud. Not that I am complaining!

Due to the amount of rain we had last month, the slugs and snails have been very active in my garden, so a little slug deterrent was mandatory to keep these plants looking amazing. My Acer plants which I re-potted last autumn are looking incredibly attractive in their large pots! Because I re-potted them in autumn they have a lot more growth and colour!

pest and disease

My glasshouses are overflowing with Begonia Semperflorens and other bedding plants and they look incredible! Some of the earlier sown bedding plants have been moved out into the cold frame to slowly harden off, so they will be ready to plant at the end of the month. It is important to still keep an eye out for any late frosts, because if they do arrive the frames will need to be covered with blankets to prevent any damage.


My peas are growing under a net protected tunnel. I am growing a row of Twinkle which I raised under grass and planted out. I also have a row of Hurst Green Shaft sown two weeks after which should give me a succession of peas to pick.


Hurst Green Shaft

My strawberries that were planted and fruited last year have stood outside in the same pots all winter.  I gave them a top up of feed to keep them going and they’re now in full flower, so fingers crossed they should crop well.


Other vegetables such as Lettuce and radish are growing well. The lettuce was sown in March and planted out under fleece cloches and are now ready for cutting. I have also just sown another batch of lettuce so i can enjoy home grown lettuce all season. My parsnips and radish have germinated well; the radish was sown in-between, which I am pulling to add to the lettuce in my salad.

Rhubarb Fulton’s Strawberry Surprise is growing really well, harvesting has started and will continue for many more weeks.  With an abundance of Rhubarb I can be found in the kitchen making delicious rhubarb crumble, do you have any recipes?

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