Raspberry ‘Ruby Beauty’® is a dwarf variety that is claimed to grow to just 120cm (36”) – the perfect size for a patio pot, or a sunny place in even the smallest veggie plot. I’ve decided to put this to the test and see just how well they get on when planted in the ground vs. containers. This weekend I spent a few minutes planting my raspberries with some help from my Deputy Gardener. She’s quite new to all this but was keen to get involved!

We chose a large ceramic container and filled it with John Innes No.3. This is a loam based compost that makes a good choice when planting mature shrubs in containers. It has more ‘body’ to it than peat based multi-purpose composts, offering better drainage and stability. It also contains higher levels of nutrients, making it well suited to plants that will be growing in the same container over a long period. I also mixed in a few handfuls of slow release granular fertiliser to help the plant establish and keep it well fed into next spring.

raspberry ruby beauty

The other plant was destined for the vegetable plot. I found a nice sunny, sheltered position, sandwiched between some older raspberry canes and the strawberry patch. There were quite a few weeds but my helpful assistant soon sorted that out (she’s closer to the ground than I am!!).


The soil is quite light and fertile in this part of the garden – just perfect for raspberry growing. In fact, the other raspberries have gone mad, sending up suckers all over the place! I shouldn’t complain as we have had a really good crop this year, and there are still more fruits to pick. Hopefully, Raspberry ‘Ruby Beauty’® will be just as productive next summer.

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