I’m very pleased with this pair of Raspberry ‘Ruby Beauty’® plants that found their way to my desk today.  I wasn’t expecting them so it was a lovely surprise! This compact little variety is the latest thing in Raspberries. It’s a dwarf variety that’s supposed to grow to just 3 feet high so they will be perfect on my patio.  Better still, they are totally thornless which makes them even more appealing.


They arrived looking bushy and healthy so I have very high hopes for them! My raspberry plants are growing in 3 litre containers which is a nice size of plant – small enough to establish quickly, but also large enough to bear a decent crop next year. Thompson & Morgan also sell them in the smaller 9cm pots if you want a cheaper option, and don’t mind waiting an extra season for the plants to catch up in size.


I’ve decided to pot one up and plant the other in the ground as I’m curious to see how they will perform under different circumstances.  I’ll keep you posted as they grow …


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