A few months ago staff at Thompson & Morgan were invited to take part in the company’s tree lily® competition. Each entrant was given 3 tree lily® bulbs to grow, nurture and photograph throughout the year. The winner was announced earlier today…

Staff tree lily competition results

Rita with her winning tree lilies®!

Rita Cosson, sales office manager in the wholesale department, was declared the outright winner with her stunning display of tree lilies®.

According to the judges, there were some fantastic pictures and were very impressed with the efforts made to nurture the tree lilies®, despite difficult growing conditions earlier in the year.

We asked Rita how she managed to get such a stunning display: “I planted them in multipurpose compost in the largest pot I had as soon as I got them, not sure when that was! They do need a large pot to get them as big as that.

I fed them every week once they started to grow with Miracle Grow fertilizer. I checked them nearly every day for lily beetles and removed them and any grubs that I subsequently found on the leaves, this proved to be a very regular task as the beastly little beetles tried to out run me every week!

I removed some of the small lower shoots that did not have flower heads to encourage top growth, not sure if this helped really but it seemed like a good idea at the time!”

In her own garden, Rita mainly grows flowers, shrubs and few vegetables. Her favourites are lilies, fuchsias, begonias and pansies. Her top tips are to use the correct sized pot or basket for the plant you’re growing, always use fresh compost and water and feed regularly.

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