I love to see the sun as much as anybody and it certainly makes the plants grow, but they could also do with a shower of rain from time to time.

Unfortunately we have not had a drop of rain for weeks, so my main job every evening is watering. In the garden its best to use the water accumulated in the water butts, but these are now running dry so you will have to fill up from the mains tap. Watering all the pots, baskets and greenhouses takes about half an hour each night and the odd plant also needs watering in the borders to stop it wilting in the heat taking another half an hour. This needs to be done to keep the display looking good.


The roses planted in the front garden have looked superb, they must have loved the cool spring because I have never seen better foliage colour and the blooms seem of a more intense colour.

The begonias in the greenhouse are blooming nicely now and the large flowers need supporting with some special wire supports to hold the blooms upright and facing me. I must admit it has become a family joke with my wife and children, as they know if they can’t find me in the mornings I must be out in the greenhouse talking to the begonias. I am not talking but I will be fiddling with them supporting blooms, tying up stems or just admiring the blooms.

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