Whilst your garden is blooming with summer flowers, and you sit back and enjoy your hard efforts in the sun, it is easy to forget about planning your winter garden. Don’t think the work is all over, gardening is an annual hobby that requires planning all year round! In August there are a few seasonal flowers than can be direct sown outdoors and plenty of vegetable seeds that can be started in the greenhouse or sown outside.

What flowers to sow in August

We all know that during the winter months our gardens can sometimes look a bit dull, but there really is nothing we can do to about the weather. However, winter-flowering pansies can be sown now to provide your gardens with some much needed winter colour. Why not try our Pansy Matrix Mix which will provide you with colour in winter and spring.

winter pansies

What vegetables to sow in August

If you are lucky enough to have a greenhouse sow herbs such as coriander in seed trays. You can also sow winter lettuce in seed trays ready for planting later this month.

sow coriander

There are plenty of vegetable seeds that can be direct sown outside. You can continue sow salad leaves throughout summer for a continuous crop. For autumn and winter harvests, direct sow vegetables such as spinach and radish.

There are plenty of odd jobs to do in the garden in August; our helpful guide will tell you all about it.

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