About a month ago we posted about the Great British Garden Revival, a new gardening show on BBC2 that aims to reignite the nation’s passion for gardens full of flowers, plants and trees. The 10-part series starts tonight at 7pm, with Monty Don and Joe Swift featuring in the first episode.

Gardening news - Great British Garden Revival

Michael Perry and Christine Walkden

Each episode is presented by two well-known gardeners, with each of them focusing on an aspect of gardening that they feel particularly passionate about. The series kicks off with wildflowers and front gardens, followed by programmes featuring topiary, cottage gardens, bedding plants, kitchen gardens, lawns, ponds and many more interesting topics.

In the summer, a film crew visited Thompson & Morgan’s trial grounds to record material for the episode on ornamental bedding, presented by Christine Walkden and scheduled for Monday 13th January.

The Great British Garden Revival aims to restore the nation’s love of gardens and gardening, by showing viewers just how easy gardening can be, with hands-on tips and practical advice on how to get the most from their gardens.

Britain has such a rich horticultural history, but there is a real decline in gardening – people simply don’t have the time or desire to spend time in their gardens. The need for low-maintenance gardens and parking spaces has meant that many front and back gardens have been paved over. As a result, a staggering 95% of rainwater in urban areas is classed as ‘run-off’, overwhelming drains and gutters and increasing the risk of flooding. Fewer green spaces have led to a decline in many species of wildlife, especially birds and butterflies.

Gardening news - Great British Garden Revival

Gardening with children

And you don’t even have to spend hours and hours toiling away to get your dream garden! It’s a great form of exercise, it clears the mind and is a great way to get children involved and interested in gardening and wildlife. We’d love to hear what you think about the series and whether it changes your opinion of gardening.




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