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Dahlia Dreaming

After weeks of hot summer days, the grass is brown and withered, the summer raspberries have shrivelled into dessicated husks and the roses have gone over, but my dahlias are only just beginning. We’ve had the first brazenly crimson flower on ‘Con Amore’. I’ve just...

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July – Anyone for Blackberry Jam?

So here we are in early August, it’s 33c outside, and I’m making blackberry jam! What on earth is going on? No sooner had the strawberries finished fruiting than the blackberries were ripe for picking! Is it me or has there been a worldwide conspiracy perpetuating the...

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Family visit to Hyde Hall

Last weekend we headed down to Hyde Hall to visit Thompson and Morgan’s Floral Fantasia. My children were very keen to see all the plants that I had planted, they had seen the pictures I had taken for the previous blog. We love visiting Hyde Hall, taking a picnic and...

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The secret life of plants

Gardening could be described as bending nature to our will. It’s the selection, planting, shaping, pruning, training, pollinating, pinching, grafting, thinning out and harvesting of plants to suit our requirements. But what happens above the ground is only the tip of...

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Watering, watering, watering

So, with the recent heat wave (when I say “heat wave” it felt more like someone was blow-torching the back of my neck - through the factor 50) and with all the watering I had to do. Not only my own garden by the way, but also for friend who is away in the south of...

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Green-fingered gardening tips from the experts

The great thing about gardening is that no matter how expert you are, you never reach the end of your personal learning curve. To help you a little further along the way, we asked some of our favourite gardening bloggers for their expert tips – great gardening advice...

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Planting tips from wildlife gardening experts

If you’d love to encourage wildlife to visit your garden but aren’t sure what plants to grow, this is the place for you. We asked some of our favourite wildlife gardening bloggers for their planting tips and here’s what they came up with – what to grow to encourage...

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