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Plants for shade

Does your garden have a Cinderella spot? A part that doesn’t get the same love and attention as the rest? Chances are, says Mandy Bradshaw of The Chatty Gardener, it’s a shady area. Sunny borders might seem more interesting and easy to fill, but Mandy’s tips for the...

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How to create beautiful displays with annual flowers

Once March arrives, Nic Wilson’s potting shed is launched into action as her annual flower seeds come out. Here, the experienced gardener behind dogwooddays talks to us about the many roles that annual flowers play in her garden. Affordable, beautiful, and easy to...

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Starting a culinary herb garden

Anyone can start a herb garden, no matter how little space they have available. Some people create bespoke culinary herb gardens, while others tuck these flavour-packed plants into any empty space they can find. We asked The Sunday Gardener, Carol Bartlett, for her...

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Geoff Stonebanks Driftwood Garden Update

I saw this posted on social media recently! “Gardening is an art that uses flowers and plants as paint, and the soil and sky as canvas”. It was credited to Elizabeth Murray. It really tugged at my own perception of how I garden myself. As someone who has no formal...

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Not Quite Spring

Hello As I write this it’s the beginning of March and we've had a lovely warm spell but are now experiencing some wetter, cooler weather, and today it is blowing a gale here in mid-Wales. Rain is never a bad thing to be honest, it's good to have rain sometimes, if not...

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Planting Bare Root Peonies

What a lovely day, a day out of the office and back to the Private Estate where I work as a Gardener. I have been here for about fourteen years and have seen the garden develop, hedges have been removed, planting changed, refreshed and new borders developed. It has...

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Scent-sational Spring Flowers!

As I stepped into my garden earlier this week, I was captured by a breath-taking fragrance.  I went in search of its source – and there on the other side of the fence was a magnificent Sarcococca! I love this reliable evergreen shrub.  It has an intense (but not...

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How to attract birds to your garden all year round

In January, Nic Wilson of dogwooddays was astonished to see a female blackcap in the garden during the RSPB’s Big Garden Birdwatch. It was a new species for her and, even better, it turned up at just the right time to be counted! She also has regular winter visits...

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