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Peas and beans masterclass: best expert content

In our search for expert advice on growing peas and beans, we turned to some of the best grow-your-own bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers. Whether you’re new to growing veg or a seasoned gardener looking for tips to get more from your pea and bean plants, there’s...

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Hedges for Wildlife

Go native and plant the ultimate wildlife hotel! Winter is the perfect time for hedge planting, and if you seriously want to put conservation into action, planting a native hedge is an easy and effective way to help some of our most threatened UK species. For most of...

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Houseplant Watering Guide

To water or not to water? That is the question asked by many a gardener, their watering can hovering over a stubbornly mute Aspidistra which refuses to reveal whether it's thirsty or not!  “When did I last water it?” you ask yourself. “Last week? Last month? ….Last...

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What to do when bad weather prevents planting

Here’s how to look after your freshly ordered roots and plug plants when unexpected snow, late frosts, severe rain or the fickle British weather prevents you from getting them into their final positions straight away.

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Houseplant Lighting Guide

Houseplants function as living décor, making your home look beautiful. They also introduce nature into sterile indoor environments, injecting mood-boosting natural greenery. Finding creative ways to display your plants is the fun part, but before you do that, it is...

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Decorating with Houseplants

Plants breathe life into spaces. To decorate with houseplants successfully, you need to consider the creative possibilities of plant shape, texture, colour and size. Which houseplants you select and how you arrange them will affect the dynamics of your space and...

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