Acers masterclass: best expert content

Bright red acer leaves drenched rain

Acers are famous for their dazzling leaf colour
Image: Acer palmatum ‘Bloodgood’ from T&M

If you want to fill your garden with striking colours and textures, look no further than acers and Japanese maples. With a palette that includes striking blood red leaves, delicate pink variegation, and acid greens, this diverse group has something for every garden. We asked our favourite bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers which varieties they love to grow, as well as their practical tips for planting and caring for these striking trees. Here’s their advice.

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Winter bedding plants masterclass: best expert content

Pink, white and red bellis

Winter bedding brings colour to the garden when you need it most
Image: Bellis ‘Bellisima Mixed’ from T&M

Winter bedding is an easy way to introduce colour to your garden in the coldest months of the year. With so many vibrant colours and forms to choose from, these hardy plants are sure to cheer you up on even the shortest of days. Check out these top tips and tricks from expert bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTube gardeners and fill your outside space with modern, colourful and creative displays. 

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Tulips masterclass: best expert content

Tulip 'Florist's Treat Mixed' from T&M

Tulips come in a huge array of varieties and make excellent cut flowers
Image: Tulip ‘Florist’s Treat Mixed’ from Thompson & Morgan/©Visions BV, Netherlands

Planting tulip bulbs is a fantastic way to introduce colour to your spring garden. Ideal for filling pots and containers, they can also be planted in the ground or added to borders where they’re a real post-winter mood lifter. To help you create a spectacular display, we’ve found a wealth of experienced gardeners who’ve shared their tried-and-tested knowledge. If you want to grow magnificent tulips, here are some of the best articles, Instagram posts and videos to bookmark for reference. 

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Growing conifers masterclass: best expert content

Different types of pruned yew conifers

Train yew plants to make fantastic topiary
Image: Taxus baccata from Thompson & Morgan

Conifer plants have so much to offer. Think evergreen foliage, bright berries and excellent drought-resistance for starters. If you want to add all year round structure and interest to your outside space, take a look at these helpful tips from garden bloggers, designers and landscapers. Their excellent advice will help you design the gorgeous garden you’ve always wanted. 

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Growing allium bulbs masterclass: best expert content

White and purple alliums

Allium bulbs bring eye-catching height and structure to the summer border
Image: Allium ‘Big Impact Mixed’ from Thompson & Morgan

The jewel of early summer, allium bulbs deliver height, structure and colour to mark the start of the season. These hardy perennial bulbs are well worth growing for their easy, attractive blooms that get even better as they age. See our collection of articles, YouTube videos and Instagram posts for practical advice on planting alliums. And if you haven’t already ordered a batch, these inspirational garden bloggers are sure to tempt you.

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Winter salad masterclass: best expert content

Bucket of rocket leaves

Container grown rocket is a delicious addition to winter meals
Image: Rocket ‘Sweet Oakleaf’ – Kew Collection Seeds from T&M

You don’t need to stop growing salad just because it’s winter. In fact, many leafy greens come into their own at a time when not much else is growing. Whether you love to eat crunchy radishes, spicy rocket or colourful cut-and-come-again lettuce leaves, you’ll find plenty of growing tips in this collection of articles, videos and Instagram posts. Here are some expert tips to help you grow and harvest delicious winter salad.

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