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How to grow hibiscus

Pink hibiscus with red centre and white stamen

Hibiscus flowers add a tropical dimension to any planting scheme
Image: Hibiscus syriacus ‘Pink Giant’ from Thompson & Morgan

Hibiscus shrubs produce huge, beautiful flowers that make a real statement in any planting scheme. Whether you opt for a hardy garden variety or a tender house plant, these exotic-looking shrubs usually reach about 2-3m tall in the UK and deliver a distinctly tropical feel to your space. In this article we share planting and care tips along with five of the best varieties to start your new obsession!

Browse our full collection of hibiscus shrubs for even more inspiration.

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 20 June 2024.


Mother’s Day gifts much better than a bouquet!

Thompson & Morgan gin garden set

This windowsill herb-growing kit is great for gin-loving mums
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Ditch the daffodils this Mothering Sunday and give a growing gift that will provide many years of enjoyment!

Our range includes the perfect plants for mum’s home or garden, with many delivered ready to display.

From pretty pinks to perky pineapples, fragrant flowers or fresh herbs to garnish their G&Ts, browse our special collection of Mother’s Day Gifts for ideas that every mum will love.


Hydroponic house plants masterclass: best expert content

Pink hydroponic plant glass jar

Hydroponic house plants celebrate foliage and roots
Image: Anthurium Aqua in Sierglass from T&M

Hydroponic house plants are completely soil-free which saves space, reduces mess and deters pests. A simple water and nutrient solution provides all they need to thrive! We’ve scoured the internet to find the best articles, videos and Instagram posts to help you grow your own lush hydroponic house plants. We’ve also included information on semi-hydro growing and tips for propagating cuttings in water. 

Browse our quality hydroponic house plants for a head start or choose from our full range of exciting house plants and simply transfer them out of their soil!


House plants masterclass: best expert content

Aloe vera next to Chinese money plant

House plants like Aloe vera brighten indoor spaces
Image: Aloe vera (House Plant) from T&M

Here’s everything you need to keep your house plants looking fresh. Whether you’re caring for lush tropical foliage or tending to a stylish bonsai, these independent bloggers have plenty of advice to share.

Looking to fill your home with an abundance of greenery? See our full range of house plants to find unusual orchids, carnivorous plants, succulents and much more.


Houseplant Doctor : Answers to Top Houseplant Questions

A stethoscope, pencil and notepad and some leaves on a table

Image: Shutterstock

From crispy leaves to soggy succulents, our Houseplant Doctor gives expert answers to your top houseplant questions.


Fun Houseplants for Children (& Grown Ups!)

Three cacti decorated with specs and lips

Image: Shutterstock

From meat-eating plant monsters like the Venus Fly Trap to collectible cacti, there’s a houseplant out there to spark the interest of every child plus a host of creative ways to display them which will engage their imaginations. Houseplants can be a way for children to express their individuality and enjoy a sense of accomplishment in owning, learning about and caring for, their own unique plant collections.

Of course, kids don’t have to have all the fun! The plants below also make great gifts for curious grown-ups who’ll appreciate something a bit more unusual on their kitchen windowsill! (more…)

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