Plants for shade masterclass: best expert content

Field of different coloured foxgloves

Foxgloves thrive in a shady position
Image: Foxglove ‘Mixed’ from Thompson & Morgan

Need the perfect plant to bring a shady spot to life? See this helpful compilation of articles, videos and Instagram posts from some of our favourite gardening experts. Whether you have a dry north-facing border or a damp woodland garden, find out which plants transform gloomy gaps into an eye-catching feature.

From tall and exotic Australian tree ferns to silvery athyriums, browse our high quality collection of shade-tolerant fern plants to find your favourites.


RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year Winners 2023

T&M is thrilled to announce that Agapanthus ‘Black Jack’ has been crowned the RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2023

RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year winner

When four of our entries were shortlisted, we hardly dared to hope that one of these would take the winning spot. We are immensely proud to have scooped a hat trick with Agapanthus ‘Black Jack’ exhibited by Sparsholt College and supplied by Thompson & Morgan taking the top spot. Closely followed by Hydrangea ‘Euphoria Pink’ and Weigela ‘Camouflage’ both exhibited by Stonebarn Landscapes and supplied by Thompson & Morgan taking the runner up and third place spots respectively.

RHS Plant of the Year 2023 Winner

Agapanthus ‘Black Jack’

Agapanthus Black Jack

Larger and longer-lasting blooms produced in profusion!

‘Black Jack’ offers bigger flowers and more blooms through the season. This amazing Agapanthus produces 10 times as many florets per flowerhead for a flowering season twice as long as its competitors.

The “must have” Agapanthus for a striking display

Easy to grow and heat tolerant, ‘Black Jack’ boasts strong vigour and a striking presence in borders and containers. Large flowerheads are filled with black buds that open to deep black-purple striped blooms – these fade to deep purple and take on a dazzling metallic sheen with age.

A unique variety from 20 years of breeding

De Wet Plant Breeders, South Africa, set out to produce disease resistant, vigorous, heat-tolerant and multi-flowering cultivars and a black cultivar was always high on the wish list. 17 years into the program, they finally got “the one”! ‘Black Jack’ is a unique Agapanthus that’s the result of years of dedicated hybridised breeding.

Agapanthus ‘Black Jack’

Flowers: July to September
Height: 80cm. Spread: 70cm

1 x 9cm Potted Plants
Code: KF2470

3 x 9cm Potted Plants
Code: KF4998

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RHS Plant of the Year 2nd Place

Hydrangea serrata ‘Euphoria Pink’

Hydrangea Euphorbia Pink

Exhibited in partnership with Mr. Nagasaki T. from Japan representing Osco Garden BV, Aalsmeer/Netherlands.

The first Hydrangea serrata that’s all about stunning foliage AND flowers!

The striking tricolour foliage of this handsome Hydrangea flushes vibrant pink, white and green each spring. As the pink fades, unique lacecap-style blooms burst from pale pink buds into two-tone red flowers with pale centres.

Ideal for pots, containers & borders

This easy to grow shrub is ideal for moisture-retentive but well drained soil in sun or shade and is hardy down to -20C.

Flowers: July to September
Height: 80cm. Spread: 70cm

The latest in Hydrangea breeding

Hydrangea serrata ‘Euphoria Pink’ was discovered in a long-term Japanese breeding programme with rooted cuttings sent to Osco Garden BV in Aalsmeer, The Netherlands. Van Son & Koot Nursery BV from Kaatsheuvel / Netherlands rooted cuttings under license and prepared the plants for The Chelsea Flower Show.

Hydrangea serrata ‘Euphoria Pink’

1 x 13cm Potted Plants
Code: KF1217

3 x 13cm Potted Plants
Code: KF4999

1 x 3 Litre Potted Plant
Code: KF1218

2 x 3 litre potted plants
Code: KF5000

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RHS Plant of the Year 3rd Place

Weigela ‘Camouflage’

Weigela Camouflage

Vivid variegation plus bright red blooms!

‘Camouflage’ is a stunning compact Weigela with variegated bright green and dark black/green foliage. These petite plants become smothered with bright ruby-red funnel-shaped flowers borne on aching stems in May and June, attracting pollinators to the garden.

Sensational for small spaces

Weigela ‘Camouflage’ is a deciduous, low-maintenance, fully hardy shrub that’s perfect for small gardens and container growing. Grow in a sunny or semi-shaded position, in any well-drained soil.

From T&M’s own breeding programme

T&M’s Weigela breeding programme began in 2008 with the aim of producing compact plants with fabulous, coloured foliage, which are ideal for any size of garden. The programme continued until 2018, when selections were made from stock in the field and ‘Camouflage’ is the first in a series with variegated foliage.

Flowers: May to June
Height and spread: 60cm

Weigela ‘Camouflage’

1 x 9cm Potted Plant
Code: KF0321

3 x 9cm Potted Plants
Code: KF5161

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T&M’s New 2023 Flowering Plants Range

The plants featured are only a small selection of the new flowering plants on offer from T&M and the full range is available to browse and buy online.

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Patio plants masterclass: best expert content

White patio hydrangea with child smelling flowers

Hydrangea paniculata ‘Magical Moonlight’ is an eye-catching focal point for the patio
Image copyright: Visions BV, Netherlands

Here’s everything you need to know about growing patio plants. Whether you want to brighten a shady patio with hardy annuals, learn how to divide your potted perennials or find the best acer for autumn colour, you’ll learn all the answers in this selection of helpful content from expert garden bloggers.

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Overview of a wildflower meadow with different coloured flowers

Sow hardy annual seeds for bright bursts of summer colour
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Scattering a handful of hardy annual flower seeds is an easy and cost-effective way to enjoy bursts of wildlife-friendly colour throughout the summer. For inspiration and advice, we’ve gathered together some helpful videos, articles and Instagram posts. Along with sowing and germination tips, these experienced growers have shared some of their favourite annual varieties to get you excited.

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Alpine plants masterclass: best expert content

Green sempervivums on rockery

Sempervivums are perfect for a dry, rocky alpine garden in full sun
Image: Sempervivum ‘Mixed’ from T&M

Alpine plants are expert survivors. These hardy troupers thrive on rocky outcrops and exposed scree slopes in the wild, delivering miniature explosions of colour where you least expect to find it. We’ve collected a helpful selection of independent articles, videos and Instagram posts to help you create your own ruggedly beautiful rockery.

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