Can I grow exotic fruit in my own garden? The answer’s yes! Do you find ‘exotic’ fruit expensive in the supermarket? If that’s the case, then why not have a look at these tropical-looking fruits that you can grow in your own garden? Here are 3 of the best!

First up, here’s one of my favourites! The Sharon Fruit (also known as Kaki or Persimmon), which has a sugary flavour. I like to eat my kaki thinly sliced, much like a fruit carpaccio! Originating from China and totally hardy in the UK, the trees are self-fertile, so no pollinator is required! Makes a handsome tree, as the fruits will continue to ripen on the branches after the leaves have fallen! The branches of Sharon Fruit ‘Fuyu’ produce glossy, dark green leaves that turn to colourful shades of orange, gold and purple in autumn. The summer flowers give way to edible fruits that continue to ripen on the tree well into December, long after the leaves have fallen. It will make an attractive addition to a sheltered border or trained against a sunny wall.

exotic fruit

You can give yourself a healthy boost with the intriguing pomegranate fruit too! Hardy down to -15C (5F), they can be grown in large containers or the border. The flowers are super fancy, in hot orange tones, and fruits ripen through mild autumns, and are ready for harvest by October.

exotic fruit

Figs– aren’t they a joy? Especially when they’re all squishy and sun ripened! This particular strain originates from London’s Chelsea embankment, and all stock has been propagated from that 1 single tree! Fruits develop in spring and ripen from August to September. A second crop often develops in late summer and if protected, these fruits will ripen during the following summer.

exotic fruit


Michael Perry
Michael works as Thompson & Morgan's New Product Development Manager, scouring the globe for new and innovative products and concepts to keep the keen gardeners as well as amateurs of the UK happy!

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