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Here at Thompson & Morgan we love to check out other blogs. There are so many great allotment and gardening bloggers out there, it would be a shame not to share what they do with you – here are just a few of our favourites.

Roses masterclass: best expert content

Peach pink rose bush

Roses are quintessential English country garden plants
Image: Rose ‘Peach Melba’ (Climbing) from Thompson & Morgan

Delve into these gems of expert knowledge to help you grow fabulous roses. We’ve scoured the internet to find the best planting, propagating and pruning advice available.  Whether you’re caring for a single bush or planning an entire rose garden of bare root plants, these top tips will inspire and inform you every step of the way.

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 13 June 2024.

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Garlic masterclass: best expert content

Garlic ‘Carcassonne Wight’ from Thompson & Morgan

Carcassonne Wight is one of the most successful garlic varieties for overwintering
Image: Garlic ‘Carcassonne Wight’ from Thompson & Morgan

If you love the taste of garlic and want to try growing your own garlic sets from scratch, here’s where you’ll find some of the best advice. These YouTubers and bloggers are garlic growing experts and will help you get the most from this tasty bulb. Here’s how to plant, care for, and store your own homegrown garlic…

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 31st May 2024.

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Fruit masterclass: best expert content

Raspberry in pot on balcony

Try growing Raspberry ‘Little Sweet Sister’ in containers on the balcony for early crops of deliciously sweet fruit
Image: Raspberry ‘Little Sweet Sister’ from Thompson & Morgan

Do you want to grow fresh fruit in your garden, allotment or balcony? We’ve brought together a wealth of expert videos and articles to help you choose the best fruit plants for bumper crops of delicious produce. Everything you need to know to start growing fruit is here, whether it’s classic berries and currants or exotic melons and kiwi fruit.

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 28th May 2024.

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Cucumbers masterclass: best expert content

Group of cucumbers growing in the greenhouse

Cucumbers are prolific in the right conditions
Image: Cucumber ‘Carmen’ F1 Hybrid from Thompson & Morgan

Here’s a collection of the best independent content to help you grow your own crunchy cucumbers. These videos, articles and Instagram posts feature everything from sowing cucumber seeds through to pricking out and pollination. If you want to successfully grow cucumbers in your garden or allotment, you’ve come to the right place…

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 24 April 2024.

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Hanging baskets masterclass: best expert content

Colourful hanging basket against brick wall

Hanging baskets are a great way to display colourful flowers
Image: Nurseryman’s Choice Hanging Basket Mixed Collection from Thompson & Morgan

Here’s all the advice you need to create the best hanging baskets ever. Packed with useful articles, videos and Instagram posts – these gardeners have generously shared the knowledge they’ve acquired through years of trial and error. If you’re new to basket growing or you’re keen to learn more, here’s how to successfully choose hanging basket plants along with tips to keep them blooming for as long as possible.

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 17 April 2024.

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Dahlias masterclass: best expert content

Pink and yellow dahlias in vase

Dahlias come in a range of colours and shapes
Image: Dahlia ‘Tropical Sheer Heaven’ from Thompson & Morgan (©Visions BV, Netherlands)

Here’s a masterclass on growing dahlias courtesy of some of our favourite gardening bloggers, YouTubers, and Instagrammers. When it comes to dahlias, not only do these growers know their stuff, but they’re also happy to share their knowledge and experience. Whether you want to plant dahlia tubers or raise them from seed, this is the place to start. 

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 4th April 2024.

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Peas and beans masterclass: best expert content

Broad Bean ‘The Sutton’ from T&M

Neat & compact, Broad Bean ‘The Sutton’ is perfect for growing in containers or small gardens
Image: Broad Bean ‘The Sutton’ from Thompson & Morgan

In our search for expert advice on growing peas and beans, we turned to some of the best grow-your-own bloggers, Instagrammers and YouTubers. Whether you’re new to growing veg or a seasoned gardener looking for tips to get more from your pea and bean plants, there’s plenty of food for thought here.

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 25th March 2024.

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Chillies and sweet peppers masterclass: best expert content

Chilli Pepper 'Fresno Mix' F1 from T&M

Chillies and sweet peppers both pack a colourful flavour punch
Image: Chilli Pepper ‘Fresno Mix’ F1 from Thompson & Morgan

If you want to grow your own chilli and sweet pepper plants indoors on a sunny windowsill or outdoors in the garden, here’s the best advice from some of our favourite Instagrammers, YouTubers and bloggers. These independent posts and videos give you step-by-step guidance on how to grow your own crops of colourful peppers – both fiery and sweet.

Browse our full range of chilli and sweet pepper seeds for inspiration.

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 29 February 2024.

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Petunia masterclass: best expert content

Petunia ‘Tidal Wave Improved’ from T&M

This climbing petunia has been trained up an obelisk to create a spectacular focal point
Image: T&M

Here you’ll find the best expert content on raising petunia seeds or growing petunia plug plants. We’ve scoured the web to bring you insights from the experts who know petunias best – the experienced, green-fingered garden bloggers who love to grow them. Here’s a wealth of information and advice to help you successfully grow your own perfect petunias.

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 22 February 2024.

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Strawberries masterclass: best expert content

Closeup of strawberry in basket

Homegrown strawberries taste better than anything you can buy in a supermarket
Image: Strawberry ‘Vibrant’ from Thompson & Morgan

If you like growing delicious strawberries we’re delighted to bring you a collection of the best advice from the internet. These bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers are people who practise what they preach, growing heavily-fruiting strawberry plants season after season, and sharing their knowhow so that you can enjoy a bumper crop too. Read on for some great strawberry-growing tips…

This article was reviewed by T&M’s horticultural team and updated on 14 February 2024.

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