Aloe vera next to Chinese money plant

House plants like Aloe vera brighten indoor spaces
Image: Aloe vera (House Plant) from T&M

Here’s everything you need to keep your house plants looking fresh. Whether you’re caring for lush tropical foliage or tending to a stylish bonsai, these independent bloggers have plenty of advice to share.

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Hannah – Tropical Plant Addict

Pink caladium houseplants

Foliage house plants like caladiums can be incredibly colourful
Image: Tropical Plant Addict 

Want stand-out foliage? Go for a caladium. YouTuber Hannah’s colourful caladiums have a huge number of tropical-sized leaves with glorious pink veining. One of the secrets to her success is temperature. According to Hannah, “they love a nice, warm, humid environment.” Keep the humidity over 50% and temperature over 15℃ for the best results. Watch her full video over at Tropical Plant Addict for advice on watering, light and soil, as well as over-wintering tips.

Jane Perrone – On The Ledge

Collection of houseplants including streptocarpus

A streptocarpus plant makes a beautiful focal point for the home
Image: Jane Perrone

Are you after a flowering house plant? Then definitely try the ‘gem’ of the house plant world – Streptocarpus. They come in an excellent variety of colours, bi-lobed petals and two-tone flowers, says Jane Perrone. Listen to her informative On The Ledge podcast where she covers watering, feeding and breeding with Streptocarpus expert Dale Martens.

Richard – Sheffield Made Plants

Man examining house plant leaves

Your house plants need some TLC during the darker winter months
Image: Sheffield Made Plants

Care for your house plants a little differently in winter, says Richard from Sheffield Made Plants. They go into dormancy during the colder months so need less water and no extra feed, he explains. Find what else you can do to reduce plant stress in his video: ‘5 Tips to Keep Your Plants Alive This Winter’. Check out the rest of his channel for more excellent house plant advice.

Gabby – @house.plantsuk

House plants in bath

Sometimes your house plants appreciate a good bath
Image: Shutterstock

Try this homemade anti-thrip spray recipe courtesy of Gabby from @house.plantsuk. If you notice the little flying pests on your indoor foliage, use her simple steps to rid your plants of the pesky flies. And remember – “don’t be hard on yourself, house plants get bugs as they don’t have rain water to keep everything at bay,” she says!

Jerry – PlantingMemories

Hand holding mini begonias for propagating

Some house plants like begonias are easy to propagate yourself
Image: PlantingMemories

If you want to make backups of your favourite house plants, YouTuber Jerry recommends that you set up a propagation box. All you need is a plastic storage container, sphagnum moss and a few cuttings to get started. Watch Jerry’s info-packed video over at PlantingMemories tosee his own box of treasures. His favourites include Hoya, Fittonia, Philodendron and begonia varieties. It’s great insurance, he says!

Darren – Gro Bonsai

Man sitting by bonsai tree

Growing bonsai may be easier than you think
Image: Gro Bonsai

Have you always wanted to have a go at bonsai? Darren at Gro Bonsai recommends starting with a Chinese elm. “They grow really strongly and quickly so you can develop them into beautiful looking specimens in a relatively short space of time,” he says. Darren is passionate about sharing his ‘beautiful hobby’ via his YouTube channel, where you can find easy bonsai pruning videos, styling advice and more.

Abi Bloom

Person propagating house plants with water

Propagating your own house plants is rewarding and fun
Image: Shutterstock

Is one of your trailing plants getting a bit leggy? Be creative like YouTuber Abi Bloom by trimming it back and using any spare clippings to make new plants. Just snip your cuttings back to a node and pop them in water to form new roots. Watch her video as she tackles her ‘plant chores’ and propagates a gorgeous climbing Philodendron.

Alison Levey – Blackberry Garden

Monstera deliciosa in pot

Monstera deliciosa is a very popular house plant
Image: Monstera deliciosa (House Plant) from T&M

Is your Monstera deliciosa crying? Don’t worry, it’s just a process called ‘guttation’, says Alison Levey at The Blackberry Garden. “When they have been watered they can ‘exude’ moisture from their leaves and/or stems,” she explains. “I have convinced myself that my plant is not crying at the very thought of being owned by me,” she adds!

Alexandra – The Middlesized Garden

Australia themed terrarium

This ‘Australia’ themed terrarium is an interesting focal point for a coffee table
Image: The Middlesized Garden

You need small plants not young ones; there is a difference,” says blogger Alexandra at The Middlesized Garden. After a day with expert James Wong, she created her very own ‘Australia’ themed terrarium and picked up plenty of useful tips on making a terrarium that lasts longer than 6 weeks. “Go for mini ferns, Peperomia, Soleirolia (known as ‘Mind Your Own Business’) plus moss and airplants,” she suggests. What theme would you like to create in miniature?

Annelise Brilli – Thompson & Morgan blog

Group of sempervivum on table

Sempervivums are a great non-toxic choice for pet lovers
Image: Sempervivum ‘Mixed’ from T&M

Are you wondering which house plants are pet-friendly? Go for maidenhair ferns for greenery, African violet (Saintpaulia) for bright flowers and Tillandsia for hanging, recommends expert Annelise Brilli at the Thompson & Morgan blog. They’re all non-toxic to pets, just in case there’s any cheeky chewing! And if you’re looking to fill a tricky north-facing window, Annelise’s article ‘House plant lighting guide’ is packed with shade-loving suggestions.

Find more information and advice at our house plant hub page. Do you have a beloved bonsai or a tropical indoor jungle? We’d love to see it! Share a photo via social media using #YourTMGarden.

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