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Moving abroad with plants – how to make it work

Every plant lover would agree that plants make a house feels like home. Therefore, it's only natural to want to bring them with you when you're moving abroad. You've put so much effort into growing them, and you have them for months, maybe even years, so it doesn't...

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T&M Nominees Shortlisted For RHS Chelsea Flower Show

T&M Nominees Shortlisted For RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Plant of the Year’ Award 2021! T&M is delighted to announce that four of their flower introductions have been shortlisted for the illustrious RHS Chelsea Flower Show ‘Plant of the Year’ Award 2021. This much...

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Sue’s (very unscientific) potato trials 

Our very own horticultural expert, Sue Sanderson, recently set up a series of informal potato trials to see which growing method produced the best yield. Using seed potatoes, Sue experimented with different sized tubers, found out what happened when she cut some in...

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When to plant daffodil bulbs for the best blooms

For the best spring blooms, plant your daffodil bulbs in autumn. That way they have plenty of time to settle in and grow strong root systems to support healthy foliage and brilliant, vibrant displays. Here we take a look at how to plant daffodils for maximum wow...

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How to Help Houseplants Acclimatise to Your New Home

We are well aware of the stress that comes with moving home. Well, plants are just like people in this regard. They acclimate to their environment, and even the subtlest shifts in temperature and light can upset their balance. It will take some time before they...

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