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Hello everyone, I hope you are all feeling good, and still working hard in the garden. This month has been so mild,it's been the best year ever for Autumn sowing. Well at least it has for me here in Pembrokeshire. I feel so privileged to spend so many warm dry days...

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Autumn Sunshine

A beautiful sunny autumn day is just the inspiration need to go out and do some tasks that have been put to one side and the prospect of cold weather is another good reason to be busy. I have dug over the ‘squash bed’, the planting moves around the bed but there is...

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And I’m done… kind of!

And I’m done... kind of! I’m sat in my cottage and the log burner roaring; the smell of burning cat hair fills the room- Martha once again has attempted to melt her tail on the fire door. Outside the leaves have all but dropped and my beard is a scruffy mess! It’s...

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13 vibrant veg growing blogs

Say goodbye to tasteless supermarket produce by growing your own delicious nutritious fruit and veggies. To help show you how, we’ve hunted down some of the best vegetable gardening blogs around. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got a sprawling allotment, or a scrubby...

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What do dahlias, apples & grapes all have in common?

I hate my allotment! Just when I thought, that’s it for another year, I find dozens of windfall apples, pounds of grapes and enough dahlias to fill a church, all needing to be harvested, sorted, washed, displayed or cooked. Mercifully my fig plant didn’t produce any...

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Sloes, Quickly…… Or, your foraged drinks cabinet

Everyone loves a freebie, don’t they? Couple that with a claim of said freebie as provider of joy and you’d be shooting that person a kind yet concerned look.  Have a sit down and have some sugary tea, you’d gently suggest. And yet it’s true, alright, kind of true. ...

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9 wonderful Welsh garden bloggers

What do they grow in Wales? Everything from wildflowers and ornamental grasses to home-grown vegetables. Here we reach beyond traditional stereotypes to bring you the lowdown on what – apart from leeks and daffs – makes the garden grow for green-fingered Welsh...

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Breaking Down Barriers

Five years ago my local horticultural society was on the brink of extinction. Membership numbers had dwindled and the society was losing hundreds of pounds every year.  The main expense was the putting on of the shows. Something had to change or the society would have...

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