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Taking cuttings of half hardy salvias

Salvias are amongst the most rewarding plants I grow and some the easiest to propagate – so do have a go and build up your own collection of these fabulous, long-flowering perennials.

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The Best Plants for July

After June’s spurt of fresh foliage and flowers, the heat of July can draw some of the vigour out of displays. Here are 5 reliable perennials which will continue to reward throughout this month.

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Jobs to do in the garden in July

Phew! It’s July. Borders are at their peak, but growth is slowing down so you should have time to put your feet up and take some garden notes – including a greedy wish list of your must-have plants and seeds for next year.

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Broccoli and calabrese masterclass: best expert content

Growing your own vitamin-packed calabrese and sprouting broccoli is easier than you might think. To help you succeed, we’ve rounded up some top tips on sowing, planting, feeding and harvesting your broccoli. Produced by independent garden bloggers and experienced...

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Rewilding the lawn

Plantlife advises that ‘With 15 million gardens in Britain, our lawns have the potential to become major sources of nectar’. Here are 3 simple ways to do it and help save insects from global declines.

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Lemons masterclass: best expert content

Whether you want a twist of lemon in your gin and tonic or something to squeeze over your paella, planting a lemon tree is a great way to make sure you have an easy supply of zesty fruits within easy reach. To help you grow your own exotic lemons here in the UK, we’ve...

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Introducing Thompson & Morgan x Anya Hindmarch

In the wake of Chelsea Flower Show 2022, we are excited to share our collaboration with sustainability-focused luxury designer Anya Hindmarch and her new Pont Street Garden Centre in Chelsea, which opened to coincide with the highlight of the horticultural calendar...

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The Best Plants for June

In June the garden bursts into an extravagance of flowers and it’s almost impossible to choose amongst them, but here are five of my perennial favourites.

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