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Top ten wildflowers

Wildflowers are a low-maintenance and long-lasting addition to any garden. Here are our top ten wildflowers and how to grow them.

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Best plants for low hedges

There are many situations that call for a low hedge. It could be a formal edging to a border or path, a way to divide up a small garden into separate areas without cramping the space, a structural backdrop to other planting or simply a way to separate your drive from...

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Hedges masterclass: best expert content

Here’s everything you need to create a spectacular living boundary from hedging plants in your garden. We’ve pulled together wisdom from a whole host of independent gardeners and designers and featured their best YouTube videos, Instagram posts and articles.

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Meet the experts

The T&M blog has a wealth of knowledgeable contributors. Find out more about them on our "Meet the experts" page.


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