TomTato® – harvest potatoes AND tomatoes from the same plant

World exclusive TomTato®

Harvest potatoes AND tomatoes from the same plant

TomTato® - harvest potatoes AND tomatoes from the same plant

Thompson & Morgan announces another major horticultural breakthrough. Specially hand-grafted plants producing potatoes AND tomatoes are now available to UK home gardeners for the first time.

World exclusive TomTato™ - harvest potatoes AND tomatoes from the same plant! Only from Thompson & Morgan

More than 500 sweet and juicy tomatoes on one plant!

Above the ground – gardeners can pick more than 500 cherry tomatoes with a Brix level of 10.2 – that’s sweeter than supermarket varieties. The fruits also have just the right level of acidity that only the very tastiest tomatoes can boast. They really are delicious.

And that’s not all!

Below the ground – gardeners will find a nice big crop of delicious white potatoes which are incredibly versatile. They can be boiled, mashed, roasted or made into chips.

It sounds incredible, but it’s true. Home gardeners really can grow tomatoes and potatoes on one plant. This concept has been worked on for over 15 years, but this is the first time that plants have been successfully produced commercially. Tomatoes are members of the potato family (Solanaceae) and are therefore naturally compatible with potatoes. Each plant is hand-grafted to create this unique double-cropping feature. There’s no genetic modification – it’s an all-natural and completely safe process.

World exclusive TomTato™ - harvest potatoes AND tomatoes from the same plant! Only from Thompson & Morgan

Above ground – tomatoes, below ground – potatoes

As is the case with all of Thompson & Morgan’s plants, TomTato® is dispatched with full growing instructions. However these are hardly necessary as the plants are so easy to grow. TomTato® can be grown inside or outside, in a large patio pot or 40 litre bag, on the allotment or in the vegetable patch. Thompson & Morgan is expecting huge interest in its innovative new ‘veg plot in a pot’ , so place your order early to be sure to get your hands on these unique plants.

Paul Hansord, T&M’s horticultural director, is understandably excited about bringing TomTato® to UK gardeners: ‘When I first saw this plant, I was amazed! Potatoes and tomatoes on the same plant? You really have to grow TomTato® to believe it’.

Please note that TomTato® plants are only available to UK customers and will be sent out in time for planting in spring 2014.

Find out more about growing TomTato® by watching this tutorial video:

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  1. Alex says:


    I have loved the tomatoes from these plants, and today I excitedly dug up the potatoes.

    To my surprise, I had one huge potato in each of two grow bags, and none in the other bag.

    Is there something I could do differently for next year (will be giving them to my friends as presents too!)

    Thank you.

    • Hi Alex, thank you for your comment. If the Tomtato plant has been healthy and produced plenty of tomatoes then there should have been a larger number of maincrop potato tubers developing below. If only 3 tubers developed and no smaller ones then there has been a tuber initiation issue. This may occur if the compost is far too wet at the time tuber initiation commences and due to lack of oxygen in the compost if the roots are not able to breathe. Compost needs to be moist at all times but not saturated. I certainly would expect 7 or 8 reasonable sized tubers and a few smaller tubers on the potato root. I hope that helps, Terri

  2. John says:

    I was given a Tom Tato” for last Christmas and it arrived this may 2014 and we still have a dozen or more tomato’s on the plant They taste delicious every one of them. I cant wait to harvest the potatoes. We will certainly like grow some next season. My were grown in a Polly tunnel.

  3. Francesco says:

    Hi! I’m absolutely interested about the tomtato. Too bad I’m italian! Will you extend you marketing strategy to all the Europe? After all, you’re part of it! Just for saying!

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Thank you Francesco, we’ve had a lot of interest from overseas customers. However, we are not able to ship anything other than seeds outside the UK and, as the TomTato® is only available as plants, we have no plans to offer it to overseas customers. Sorry to disappoint you. Kind regards, Rebecca.

  4. Sandra says:

    How do you harvest the potatoes without killing the tomatoes?

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Hi Sandra, you would harvest all the tomatoes before the potatoes, so no damage would be done to the tomatoes. I hope this helps. Kind regards, Rebecca

  5. Silvia says:


    Do you sell the seeds for TomTato as well ??

    Thank you


  6. Sidharth says:

    What will be the yield per acre / yield per hectare if these are planted on a field?

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      Hello, the only information on yield that I have at the moment is that each plant will produce approximately 500 tomatoes and up to 2kg of potatoes. I hope this helps.

  7. Anand joshi says:

    what is shortest way to get TomTato in 4 working days, pls let me know what to do ,address can be posted afterwords

    • Craig Simpson says:

      Hi there, I’m afraid that we are taking orders now for delivery next year only. The plants at despatched at the right time for them to be planted. Sorry.

  8. Anand joshi says:

    Rebecca Tute
    if being ordered today to be delivered in sussex, can it be done in a week time
    i am excited to get this ,what approx per plant cost excluding freight, what is a measure of plant
    can it last for 3 days without watering
    can it be hand picked from TM stores

    • Craig Simpson says:

      Hi there, I’m afraid we’re only taking orders now for delivery of plants next spring. The plants are delivered at the right time for them to be planted up – which is likely to be early May 2014. Sorry.

  9. Davide says:

    i would like to know if maybe in the future it will be possible to buy seeds to send in italy, where i come from… i’m a student in agriculture at Federico II University, in Naples, this plant really interest me

  10. victor teutli says:

    do you sell and send the seeds to monterrey, nuevo leon, mexico?

  11. Bjarne Guhle says:

    Dear Thomson and Morgan

    How do I buy/get TomTato seeds for next season.


    Bjarne Guhle

  12. Dilip says:

    I would like to buy a few plants to test if they can be cultivated here.
    How do I proceed and how do I get in touch with you. Best wishes & regards,
    Dilip Kumar Sohan Lal Sharma.

  13. mrs kumkum chatterjee says:

    Dear what i have seen is beyond my imagination i want to grow this tomtato in my veg garden onrooftop pl.send me the brocheure. Regards kumkum ( india , kolkata)

  14. Marelize says:

    This is absolutely amazing!!!

    I live in a townhouse complex and this would be ideal as space is an issue. Can I get the plant/seeds in South Africa??

  15. Donna Deer says:

    How about a tomato and sweet potato combination??? If you can do a white potato, maybe a sweet potato could work just as easily? And it’s a healthier twist.

    • Rebecca Tute Rebecca Tute says:

      An interesting idea, but the TomTato™ works because potatoes and tomatoes are from the same genus and family, whereas sweet potatoes are a completely different species, so a graft would be unlikely to work.

  16. Roni says:

    When will this be available for ordering?

  17. Rhonda Reed says:

    I would like to check this out myself…I grow tomatoes every year and this sounds interesting!!

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