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Grow stunning displays from geranium plug plants
Image: Geranium Black Velvet / Thompson & Morgan

Order geranium plug plants, and you’ll receive healthy young plants that’ll give you beautiful blooms. To help you get the best from your geranium plugs, we have put together some handy growing instructions for growing your plug plants. If you prefer to print them off we have also included a pdf version of our growing instructions – you can download these to your computer and then print off a copy to take with you to your ‘potting shed’!

There are two sets of growing instructions available – one for our geraniums (pelargoniums) and one for all our other plants – including hardy geraniums and fuchsias supplied as plugs and plants supplied as bare roots. The growing instructions for plug plants below apply to both geraniums and other plug plants.

> Download your Geranium, Fuchsia and Hardy Geranium Growing Instructions here

> Download your Growing Instructions for all other plants here

What to do when you receive your plug plants

Some people seem to find plug plants scary – they seem to think the care and nurturing of them must be difficult so they don’t grow them. But you and I know that plants are one of life’s greatest pleasures – to watch a plant you have grown yourself burst into flower is wonderful. And to sit in a garden on a warm summer day surrounded by beautiful colour is to be treasured and enjoyed – and we know that it’s not difficult, don’t we!

  1. On receipt of your plug plants stand them upright and keep a note of their name from the packaging – a plastic label is ideal for this.
  2. Pot up the plug plants into 3.5″ (9cm) pots. Use a general purpose compost, which is easily available, but do NOT use bark based composts. These hold too much moisture and will drown the roots and the plants will die. I often add about 20% perlite to the compost as this helps get air around the roots – but if it’s a loose general purpose compost you won’t need to do this to have success – it’s helpful but not essential!
  3. Make sure the plug plants are moist at all times but not waterlogged. When they are small they have a little root system so it is only as they grow bigger that they will need more water.
  4. Place the plug plants in a sunny place – the warmer and drier the better. You will get the best results if you can give your plants ‘summer’ – so a dry, light, bright place will make them happier (goodness, they’re like me – they don’t like it cold and dark!) If you don’t have a greenhouse or conservatory then a sunny windowsill will be absolutely fine.
  5. Now for the most difficult bit. Ready? I suggest you remove the first lot of flower buds while the plants are small. As difficult as it is to do, it does mean the plant will put its effort into growing its root system and foliage, rather than putting its effort into flowering – but, of course, it’s not at all easy to remove the flower buds as we’re all impatient to see them flowering in all their glory!

Once you’ve followed the above steps then your geranium plugs will begin to grow and flourish – isn’t nature a wonderful thing! And so what to do with them next?

Most garden plants pretty much like the same conditions so aim for the following with all of your garden display plants, but for more information take a look at our Geranium Care Centre where there are lots of growing guides to help you.

We’ll always tell you how to care for your plug plants as we think the more success you have, the more of our plants you will want to grow – we certainly don’t want anyone to lose their plants! The logical approach is that plants like spring and summer conditions so the nearest to these conditions you can give them then the happier they will be.

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