The RHS has revealed a horticultural guilty habit that one-fifth of gardeners polled have reluctantly admitted to!

A horticultural guilty habit

After our recent spell of rain, you would expect more snails to be appearing in your garden, but are you sure this is a weathering aftermath or do you need to quiz your neighbours? An RHS poll has revealed that one-fifth of gardeners throw their snails over the fence into their neighbouring gardens.  Now, unneighbourly? Yes! Clever? No. Past research has suggested that snails have a homing instinct and if they are not stood on, played with, run over or taken into a child’s bedroom for experimentation, they will return to their rightful owners!

Londoners are the most unneighbourly, with 30% admitting to the habit. Scottish gardeners are less likely to commit the horticultural crime with only 14% passing on their snails.

How truthfull is this poll? We have all done something that no matter how many times we are questioned about it, we still fail to admit to doing it. Are you still hiding in horticultural etiquette? Do you throw your snails? Or do you have any other gardening faux pas? Let us know your guilty gardening habits by posting your comment below

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