The new Pont Street Garden Centre by Anya Hindmarch is a feast for the eyes, inside and out! Image: Anya Hindmarch

In the wake of Chelsea Flower Show 2022, we are excited to share our collaboration with sustainability-focused luxury designer Anya Hindmarch and her new Pont Street Garden Centre in Chelsea, which opened to coincide with the highlight of the horticultural calendar running just around the corner. Open from 21st May to 3rd July 2022, this newest addition to the Anya Hindmarch Village is inspired by the classic 1970s garden centre and The Good Life, featuring a concept space dedicated to a wonderfully British celebration of all things gardening.

Brimming with gorgeous gardening goodies both inside and out, the Pont Street Garden Centre is a feast for the eyes. Luxurious hanging baskets and smart green staging packed with potted plants in a myriad of jewel-like colours spill out onto the street, whilst the interior is richly furnished with a carefully curated selection of accessories and shelves of lush houseplants presented in attractive brown paper sacks. Anya Hindmarch have collaborated with us at Thompson & Morgan to create a nostalgic collection of Good-Life-inspired seed packets and curated garden accessories, including picnic hampers, garden totes, aprons and watering cans. Garden essentials such as gloves, kneelers, tools, trugs and even twine have been designed with style as well as practicality in mind.

Lush houseplants abound, all uniquely and thoughtfully presented in brown paper sacking. Image: Anya Hindmarch

A popular British TV sitcom running from 1975-78, The Good Life was based on the concepts of self-sufficiency and living off the land. The Pont Street Garden Centre is a throwback to this era, featuring a Good-Life-inspired logo and ranks upon ranks of bespoke Thompson & Morgan seed packets that have been specially redesigned for the occasion. There are even vintage kaftans available for those who’d like to channel ‘Margot’ in the garden! Featuring vintage signs, a ‘reading corner’ complete with floral deckchair and even a small screen playing scenes from the show, the nostalgic décor of the shop gives you the feeling you’ve just stepped into Barbara and Tom’s world.

Browse a range of heritage-inspired tools and garden accessories as well as adorable fruit- and vegetable-themed pouches! Image: Anya Hindmarch

Anya is known for her fun and imaginative designs, and a particular highlight of the collection is the totally unique Thompson & Morgan Sunflower Seeds Tote; a dazzling evening bag in the design of a Thompson & Morgan sunflower seed packet (buy the real seeds here!). Beautifully crafted and lined with softest recycled satin, this is a true statement piece to add to your Chelsea Flower Show outfit!

While there is no set dress code at the Show, the event is famously a sartorial as well as a horticultural extravaganza, with many visitors dressing their best for this special occasion. Dapper gents sport blazers and light trousers, whilst many ladies adorn summery dresses and flamboyant hats.

This unique evening bag inspired by a Thompson & Morgan seed packet is the perfect addition to next year’s Chelsea Flower Show outfit! Image: Anya Hindmarch

In a typical day at the Chelsea Flower Show, you can meander around a vast treasure trove of amazing gardens and displays, which growers from all across the UK have poured their hearts into for the past year or more! For some, this is a chance to display a lifetime’s work. The show is your opportunity to admire unique designs and novel ideas, spot some of your favourite varieties in all their glory, or even discover new and inspiring plants to grow at home.

The theme of this year’s show was ‘wild’, with many show gardens teeming with native plants that benefit wildlife. Designs took inspiration from meadows, woodlands and hedgerows for a naturalistic feel. In the spirit of this, you’ll find Anya’s seed selection brimming with wildlife-friendly flowers such as Verbena bonariensis, sunflowers, cosmos and wildflower mix, as well as traditional easy-to-grow favourites such as nasturtiums and sweet peas, and tasty courgettes and chilli peppers.

Choose from a range of bespoke Thompson & Morgan seeds, redesigned in the theme of The Good Life. Image: Anya Hindmarch

Pop down to Pont Street by 3rd July to stock up on Perennials for Millennials, Wildflowers for Wild Women and much, much more! You can even take part in terrarium workshops for both adults and children, hosted at Anya’s Garden Centre on 18th June. Don’t forget to tag us @thompsonmorgan1855 in your photos – we’d love to see what you find!

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