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How to Grow Geranium Plug Plants

Different coloured geraniums

Grow stunning displays using geranium plug plants
Image: Geranium ‘Jackpot mixed’ F1 hybrid from Thompson & Morgan

Order geranium plug plants early in the year, and you’ll receive healthy young plants in plenty of time to fill your beds, borders, pots and baskets with beautiful blooms from June to October. To help you get the best from your geranium plugs, we’ve put together some handy growing instructions. Here’s everything you need to know to grow pelargoniums like a pro. 

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The delights of dahlias

Red dahlias with green leaves

Dahlias add height and dimension to borders and containers
Image: Phillippa Lambert

After languishing for a while outside garden fashion, the dahlia’s return to popularity is long-overdue and much deserved! Long flowering (June to early December in a sheltered spot), easy to grow, invaluable in the summer border, and a desirable cut flower — the list goes on! They offer a wide range of flower types, some small enough for terrace containers, as well as a rainbow of warm, vibrant colours. Here’s why every garden should have some dahlias and how to propagate your favourite varieties.

Browse our full range of dahlia tubers for even more inspiration.

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Sunflowers masterclass: best expert content

Sunflowers in vase

Sunflower SunBelievable™ ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ is an exclusive Chelsea finalist available only at T&M
Image: Sunflower SunBelievable™ ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ from T&M

A welcome sign of summer, sunflowers are bold, bright and beautiful. They’re also easy to grow from seed! We’ve scoured the internet to find the very best articles, videos and Insta posts to help you grow these popular blooms. Whether you want to enter a giant in a local competition or fill your borders with dwarf, multi-stemmed stunners, these expert tips will give you an excellent head start. 

Browse our full range of sunflower seeds for even more inspiration.

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Top 5 clematis plants

Group of pink clematis flowers

Grow ‘Nelly Moser’ against a north-facing wall
Image: Clematis ‘Nelly Moser’ from T&M

A ‘Montana’ for spring and a ‘Nelly Moser’ for summer used to be enough to satisfy most gardeners, but clematis are changing, and so too is their use in the garden. We now have so many new and exciting varieties to choose from, including some that are perfect for patio and container growing. New product development manager, Michael Perry, says:

Every garden should include a clematis, they lend themselves to any style, from cottage to contemporary and there’s one for every area of the garden.

Here are our hort team’s top five clematis to try. Looking for even more inspiration? Browse our full range of clematis plants to find the perfect specimen for your outdoor space.

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Asparagus masterclass: best expert content

Harvested asparagus spears on table

Asparagus harvest is a highlight of late spring
Image: Asparagus officinalis ‘Mondeo’ (Spring Planting) from T&M

Asparagus is a luxurious seasonal treat. The deliciously tender spears arrive in spring, plugging the hungry gap and thrilling foodies across the UK. We’ve tracked down the very best bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers who share their own expert advice, from top planting tips and tricks to recipes that will get your mouth watering in anticipation.

Ready to get your asparagus bed started? Browse our collection of high quality asparagus crowns or perhaps even try your hand at starting them off from seed.

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Growing berries in pots and containers

Cranberry Pilgrim from London Plantology

Cranberry Pilgrim
Image source: London Plantology

You don’t need a huge garden to grow your own fruit. In fact, berries are the perfect container crop for small spaces. Think wild strawberries in window boxes, trailing blackberries overflowing from hanging baskets and blueberries in pots on the patio. Not only will your container-grown berries provide colour, scent and interest throughout the summer, but you’ll also enjoy a wonderful harvest with which to make delicious jams and cordials to see you through the winter!

Here, blogger Sasha Ivanova shares her advice on the best berries to grow in a container garden. Browse our full range of fruit plants for even more inspiration.

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Beetroot masterclass: best expert content

Small circular beetroot with roots

Beetroot ‘Pablo’ F1 hybrid holds a coveted RHS Award of Garden Merit for performance
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Looking for tried-and-tested tips for growing your own beetroot? Then browse this collection of helpful articles, videos and Insta posts. Filled with expert advice from those in the know, these nuggets of wisdom will help you with everything from sowing the seeds to cooking your healthy harvest of fresh beets.

Ready to place an order? Browse our colourful selection of beetroot & chard seeds, or fast-track the growing process and buy a tray of 20 beetroot ‘Rainbow Mixed’ plug plants.

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Sweet peas masterclass: best expert content

Purple sweet pea variety

Sweet pea ‘Three Times As Sweet’ was shortlisted for RHS Chelsea Plant of the Year 2021
Image: Thompson & Morgan

Enjoy the heady fragrance of sweet peas by training these easy cottage garden annuals up trellis, or allowing them to spill out of hanging baskets on the patio. Here, we’ve brought together some of the best independent articles, videos and Instagram posts to help get your sweet peas off to a strong and healthy start.

Ready to start growing? Browse our excellent range of sweet pea seeds to find scented heritage and colourful hybrid varieties. If you’re in a hurry, simply order a few sweet pea plants to save time.

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Trees masterclass: best expert content

Autumnal coloured leaves of Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’

Cercis canadensis ‘Eternal Flame’ has spectacular fiery colour
Image: Cercis ‘Eternal Flame’ from T&M

Trees bring structure and maturity to a garden. They can be smothered in spectacular blossoms through the spring, boast brightly-coloured foliage in autumn, or deliver all-year-round evergreen interest. You don’t need a huge amount of outdoor space either – some trees are perfectly happy in a large patio container. Here are some of our favourite articles, videos and Instagram posts to help you choose the right tree for your outdoor space. 

When you’re ready to place an order, browse our wide range of trees for inspiration.

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A drought-tolerant redesign for Driftwood Garden

Geoff Stonebanks pond view from bench

Driftwood garden in Seaford has been visited by 23,000 visitors, to date
Image: driftwoodbysea

Geoff Stonebanks, designer of the award-winning Driftwood Garden in East Sussex, has been busy transforming another corner of his inspiring outdoor space. He talks us through his brand new water feature area, designed around drought-resistant plants that will reduce the amount of time and natural resources required to keep it looking great. The before and after photos are incredible!

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