Eat your greens, and reds, and yellows… If you’re tired of the usual summer salad trio; lettuce, cucumber and tomato, then the edible flower revolution will be right up your street! If you haven’t tried the crunch of a begonia petal or the sweet nectar of a primrose, then you’ve really been missing out!

edible flowers

Edible flowers aren’t just suitable for jazzing up salads; they can be used for decorating cakes too. Get your bake on, and top your cupcakes with pansy blooms, carnation petals or the minty florets of Agastache!


During our recent open days, I surprised visitors by introducing them to the wonderful world of edible blooms, as I picked fragrant begonia flowers straight from the plant. They’re crunchy, succulent and have a lovely citrus taste!

edible flowers

Our Pansy Tasty Mix is actually specifically bred to have thicker petals, to give more crunch. They’re frilly and decorative, and each bloom gives you a mini dose of vitamin A too!


Many herbs and vegetables have edible flowers too; harvest chive florets for a mild onion taste, or the little yellow blooms of rocket for a spicy kick, and let’s not forget nasturtiums where you can eat the flower, leaf AND ripe seed pod, which is akin to a caper!


To discover the world of edible flowers and how to use them, read our guide on edible flowers.

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