Thompson & Morgan’s 3-in-1 concept now includes hebe and fuchsia.

When does 1 ever equal 3? With Thompson & Morgan’s 3-in-1 concept now extended to include hebe and fuchsia, gardeners can effectively plant one plant and it’ll grow into 3! Following the success of its Buddleja ‘Buzz® 3-in-1’, Thompson & Morgan is now selling hebe and fuchsia in the same way, giving gardeners the opportunity to seemingly grow one plant with 3 different flower colours – giving triple the colour in just one pot.

The Buddleja ‘Buzz® 3-in-1’ concept offers 3 plants in a single container. The plants grow in harmony together, creating a compact ‘single’ bush with 3 different coloured fragrant flower spikes – indigo, ivory and candy pink – which are all big favourites with bees and butterflies. T&M’s unique dwarf variety grows little more than 4ft (1.2m) high, but retains all the best qualities of its larger cousin, B. davidii.

Now applied to the ever-popular shrub, hebe, the 3-in-1 concept will create a patchwork effect with gardeners’ planting plans. The three varieties in the Hebe ‘3-in-1 Pot’ – ‘Bronze Baby’, ‘Blue Clouds’ and ‘Eyecatcher’ – grow together to make a really special feature on the patio as the three hebe varieties offer an interesting array of colour and textures. Hebes are great plants for providing impact and structure in the garden with minimum effort, whilst the flowers are a real magnet for bees and butterflies.

Also available this season is the Fuchsia ‘3-in-1 Pot’ featuring Thompson & Morgan’s three best-selling hardy fuchsias. Perfect for packing borders and containers with colour – especially where space is limited – these three fuchsias will grow together as one, with matched growing habits and continual flowering from June to the first really hard frosts. The three varieties are the hot pink ‘Shrimp Cocktail’, ‘Delta’s Sarah’ with its unusual lilac blue flowers, and magenta pink ‘Garden News’ which boasts stunning frosty pink sepals.

Key notes:

– All three of Thompson & Morgan’s 3-in-1 plants are rated ‘perfect for pollinators’ by the Royal Horticultural Society.
– A recent report published by Butterfly Conservation has revealed that more than three quarters of butterfly species have significantly declined in the past 40 years and is urging the British public to act by planting suitable supporting plant species
– Learn more about how to encourage bees to your garden
– Learn more about creating a haven for bees and butterflies in your garden.
– Buddleja ‘Buzz® 3-in-1’, Hebe ‘3-in-1 Pot’ and Fuchsia ‘3-in-1 Pot’ are all available
from £14.99 for a 9cm pot

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