We’ve had some good sunny days in Suffolk this week and spring is almost in the air. Have you made a start on sowing? What have you got in your propagators?

Our gardening expert Kris Collins is growing sweet peas with his kids this year. The seeds were sown on 10th Feb – they are growing Sweet Pea ‘Turquoise Lagoon’ for their colour-changing blooms, alongside Sweet Pea ‘Eleanore Udall’, launched this year to raise funds for Thrive, Thompson & Morgan’s Charity of the Year.


Week One Sweet Pea 'Eleanore Udall' & Sweet Pea 'Turquoise Lagoon'

Week One Sweet Pea ‘Turquoise Lagoon’ & Sweet Pea ‘Eleanore Udall’


The tips were pinched out last week to calls of “Daddy what are you doing to our plants?!” A quick lesson on the benefits of pinching out, and there are now two happy children looking forward to lots of lovely flowers this summer.

There’s still time to sow sweet peas indoors. Alternatively sow outside where you want them to grow. Get your Eleanore Udall seeds here – 50 % of proceeds go direct to the charity.


Sweet Pea 'Eleanore Udall' & Sweet Pea 'Turquoise Lagoon'

Sweet Pea ‘Turquoise Lagoon’ & Sweet Pea ‘Eleanore Udall’

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