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10 must-follow veg growers on Instagram

Growing your own food has never been so popular. Cheaper, healthier and better for the environment, it’s easy to see why. If you’re looking for inspiration and encouragement, Instagram is now the place to go. With ¾ million posts (and rising) hashtagged...

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Safety Precautions for Kids in Your Garden

Gardening is a useful and relaxing practice that most people enjoy doing. Not only is it fun and creative pastime activity, but it is also very educational for kids, so make sure you include your children and teach them about gardening as well. By joining you in...

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From Rake To Bake.

Welcome to my new monthly Baking Blog. Each month will feature an in-season fruit or vegetable dish to make with a little bit of grow-your-own information on the side. January is perfect for making Parsnip Scones! The humble parsnip, a mainstay of the Sunday Roast has...

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Happy New Year

Back in January 2017, I had this crazy idea to photograph the back garden from the same point, on the same date, each month! Some might think I’m mad, I probably did myself back then, but it is interesting, even for me, to take a look at the 12 images as a picture...

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The Colour Purple

Well, technically it’s not “the colour purple” but rather Pantone Ultra Violet 18-3838, that's predicted to be the colour of the year - but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue now, does it? Whilst purple is supposed to suggest the mysteries of the cosmos,...

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Hello Gardeners, Season’s Greetings, I hope you are happy and healthy. Soon 2017 will draw to a close, and the growing cycle will begin again. Every year I am grateful to the fantastic Thompson and Morgan team for allowing me to write a monthly customer blog, but what...

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8 gorgeous garden visiting blogs

Here’s your chance to take a stroll around some fabulous gardens without leaving the comfort of your home. We’ve scoured the web to come up with some intrepid garden adventurers – bloggers who like to get out and about – read on to find out where they’ve been....

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