Trouble shooting your Geranium growing problems

Geranium 'Balcon Mix' from Thompson & Morgan
Healthy geraniums produce excellent, long-lasting flower displays
Image: Geranium ‘Balcon Mix’ from Thompson & Morgan

If you’re looking for answers to your geranium and pelargonium troubleshooting questions, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some timely tips on everything from encouraging more flowers to making your plants more compact. Geraniums are easy to grow, and some of the most common problems are easily solved with a bit of additional care. Here’s how to rejuvenate your geraniums. 


Taking Geranium & Pelargonium Cuttings

Pelargonium cuttings are easy to take and don’t require special equipment
Image: 682A IA/Shutterstock

Taking cuttings is an easy way to get more of your favourite pelargoniums. Try propagating one of your own special plants or ask a friend if you can take a cutting from theirs, if they have a particularly lovely specimen that you’d love to get your hands on! Here’s our step-by-step guide to successfully taking your own geranium cuttings. 


How to Overwinter Geraniums

Geranium 'Jackpot Mixed' F1 Collection from Thompson & Morgan
Overwintered geraniums will provide colourful displays again come summer
Image: Geranium ‘Jackpot Mixed’ F1 Hybrid from Thompson & Morgan

If you want to know how to overwinter your favourite tender geraniums (more correctly called pelargoniums) to enjoy the following year, we’ve got you covered. Pelargoniums don’t have a dormant period, so the easiest way to keep them going through the winter is to dig them up and keep them as indoor houseplants on sunny windowsills. Here’s our how-to guide and video to tell you everything you need to know about overwintering pelargoniums.


Thompson & Morgan Launches New 2019/20 Retail Seed Range

Zinnia ‘Queeny Mixed’, Watermelon Mini Love F1, Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’ and Tomato Gourmandia F1

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new retail seed range for 2019/20 which will be available in garden centres from early July 2019.

With continued focus on innovation and exciting new products, we’re launching over 50 new seed varieties for the second year in a row. Amongst the flowers to be added to the range are the stunning Cosmos ‘Apricot Lemonade’ and Nasturtium ‘Baby Deep Rose’; whilst the vegetable selection includes Dwarf Bean Caledonia, Spring Onion Totem and Watermelon Mini Love F1.

At our annual retail sales conference, we decided to promote new seed varieties – stunning Zinnia ‘Queeny Mixed’ as the 2019/20 Flower of the Year – and flavoursome, heart-shaped tomato, Gourmandia F1 as Vegetable of the Year.

Alongside the continued focus on innovation, another key objective for the upcoming season is to maintain even closer partnership with our customers, offering bespoke and tailored solutions; from custom POS, to tailored ranges, to individual garden centre selling and promotional material.

Joseph Cordy, our Head of B2B Sales, said:

“Here at T&M, we don’t believe in ‘one solution fits all’ and so we plan to continue to work in close partnership with our customers to find individual solutions to maximise their sales”.


“We’re thrilled to be offering this fantastic range for next season – and we’ve managed to also hold our seed prices for the second year in a row which is a great bonus for all our customers”.

Thompson & Morgan is also launching a number of new seed collections, including ‘Autumn Collections’ which aims to boost sales during the autumn months, as well as new ‘hotspot’ stands featuring ‘Packet to Plate’ and ‘Bred by T&M’ seed varieties. A number of exciting new complementary products will run alongside the seed range, including incredicoir – the latest product in our successful incredi range – a coir block which makes up to the equivalent of a 10 litre bag of peat-free compost once water is added.

For further information on T&M’s new retail range, please contact Joseph Cordy.

No weight-watching for these WHOPPERS!

one of the paton whoppers

Champion pumpkin growing twins, Ian and Stuart Paton from Southampton are at it again!  This year they have four pumpkin babies which are currently piling on a massive 60lb or 4 stone a day!  The twins are well on the way to giving their record-breaking 160 stone pumpkin of 2016 a run for its money.

The water and electricity bills are going through the roof to keep the pumpkins hydrated and warm and in an effort to beat the record once again.  The growing pumpkins are being kept at a constant 18°C, even throughout the night for the first time.  This seems to be working as the rapidly expanding pumpkins are currently 10% ahead of last year’s winner with a circumference of 19ft.  The Paton’s will need to hire a special, super-charged, truck to lift the enormous pumpkin as their tractor will not be up to the job.

However, size isn’t everything as one false move and the pumpkin skin can split making it ineligible for the weigh-in.  The official weigh-in is on Saturday 14th October at the Royal Victoria Country Park, Southampton, so make a day of it and enjoy the Jubilee Sailing Trust Autumn Pumpkin Festival and Scarecrow Avenue.

For the first time in 2017, the competition will also include the Tomato Gigantomo weigh-in and these entries will be a welcome addition to the pumpkins on display.  So if you have any Gigantomo hanging around, why not bring them along on the day.

Pumpkin growing really is everything to the dedicated pumpkin-growing twins and the ultimate accolade has been bestowed on Ian Paton.  He has been made President of the Great Pumpkin Commonwealth, a world-renowned organisation.  Well done to Ian as it is an honour to be asked.

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