Grow your own – it’s not too late!

Grow your own - it's not too late

Sow petunias under glass now

Spring may be late this year, but there is still plenty of time to grow your own. In fact, waiting and sowing later when the soil and weather conditions are better means that your seeds will germinate more successfully than in cold wet soil.

With many gardeners wondering how they’re going to get the best from their gardens with such a late start to the season, we asked Sue Sanderson for her expert advice. Here’s what she said:

If the soil is warm enough and the weather conditions are favourable, you can sow hardy annuals direct outside from April, right through to the 1st week of June. If you’re really desperate to get germination underway, you could sow seeds into cell trays under cover and plant them out once the conditions outside improve. There is plenty of time, so don’t panic!

Petunias, ipomoea, nicotiana, dahlia, ageratum, lobelia and sunflowers can be sown up to mid April under glass.

Grow your own - it's not too late

Sow tomato seeds now

Marigolds, zinnias, cosmos and tagetes are the last half-hardy annuals you would sow – these can be sown under glass from April through to early May.

Sow tomatoes and aubergines up to the 3rd week of April.

It’s getting a little late to sow peppers – you’ve only really got until the end of the 2nd week of April to get them going.

Summer brassicas should be sown by now for early harvests, but late summer early autumn harvesting varieties can be sown up to early May.

Wait until the soil has warmed up to sow other vegetable seeds – you’re more likely to get a better crop.

Grow your own - it's not too late

Plant potatoes until mid May

Potatoes, especially maincrops, can be planted up until mid May.

You can give your soil a helping hand in warming with cloches and polytunnels. These will also protect your crops while they’re growing.

So don’t despair, you’ve still got time to create a fabulous display of flowers and grow a decent crop of vegetables to see you through the year.

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