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Easy gardening tips from the experts

A great way to get the most from your garden is to follow the advice and guidance of generous gardeners who’ve already been there and done it. Here we bring you some top growing tips from expert gardeners and bloggers – green fingered folk who know their onions. Enjoy...

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Therapeutic Gardening? My nerves are in tatters!

Thompson and Morgan Triallist’s Blog – June 2018 I have this fantasy image of myself in diaphanous summer dress, wandering around my garden with a woven willow trug and floral secateurs, in the hazy lazy afternoon sunshine, listening to the soporific buzzing of the...

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Growing berries in pots and containers

By Sasha Ivanova at London Plantology There are many ways to grow berries in small spaces – wild strawberries in window boxes, a vertical wall of cranberries, dwarf raspberries in hanging baskets or blueberries in pots on the patio. Plant your containers now and...

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A dream come true with Floral Fantasia

So, I heard we (Thompson & Morgan) were having a floral fantasia trial garden this year at RHS Hyde Hall in Chelmsford and I was very pleased, and couldn’t wait to visit. Then I got an email asking me to help plant it up, I was over the moon!!! Since starting my new...

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Veg growing tips from the experts

From one man who likes his veg Tudor style to another who loves to grow Tomatillos, and on to other green fingered folk with handy hints to share, here we bring you awesome veg growing tips from people in the know – veg gardeners and bloggers from across the country....

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An Amazing May

Hi Everyone, What an amazing May, so hot and dry! Hope this isn't our summer. I have a confession to make - I've not done half as much in the greenhouses as I would usually do. Don't get me wrong, I love being in them, or in my garden, but with limited energy,...

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Body, Hive and Soul.

I was never really sure when "spring" is meant to start, having just some lumpen idea of it being to do with daffodils generally being around and not needing to put on your big coat as much. Turns out the cats, yes the cats, are well ahead of us.  Come spring, and I’m...

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Grow Your Own – Colourful Salads

By Sasha Ivanova at London Plantology Your greens no longer have to be green! Recent research indicates that some of the healthiest “greens” are actually purple, red and yellow. With new varieties of tasty salads and vegetables increasingly available, it’s so easy to...

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