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Watering, watering, watering

So, with the recent heat wave (when I say “heat wave” it felt more like someone was blow-torching the back of my neck - through the factor 50) and with all the watering I had to do. Not only my own garden by the way, but also for friend who is away in the south of...

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Green-fingered gardening tips from the experts

The great thing about gardening is that no matter how expert you are, you never reach the end of your personal learning curve. To help you a little further along the way, we asked some of our favourite gardening bloggers for their expert tips – great gardening advice...

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Planting tips from wildlife gardening experts

If you’d love to encourage wildlife to visit your garden but aren’t sure what plants to grow, this is the place for you. We asked some of our favourite wildlife gardening bloggers for their planting tips and here’s what they came up with – what to grow to encourage...

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From Rake To Bake – Egg-cellent Potato Salad.

Welcome to Baking Blog. Each month will feature an in-season fruit or vegetable dish to make with a little bit of grow-your-own information on the side. July is perfect for making Egg-cellent Potato Salad. With second-lates and main-crop potatoes in abundance grown...

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Inspiring kids to love the garden

My own childhood memories of high summer are filled with light, scent and taste: my dad’s mesembryanthemums with their candy-coloured faces following the sun, honeysuckle perfume saturating the evening air and summer raspberries still warm as I popped them in my...

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T&M’s top 10 trends for 2019

In an ever changing gardening world, everyone is looking for both short term and long term drivers which we use to shape the way that we British gardeners use our outdoor spaces. We took a look at what we at T&M thought would be the top 10 trends for 2019: 1. Hot...

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Expert tips to make your garden wildlife-friendly

By making just a few small changes to the way you garden, you’ll really help native wildlife to thrive. To get you started, here’s some expert advice courtesy of some of the best gardeners and bloggers we’ve found – tips to make your garden more wildlife-friendly....

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