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13 superb soup recipes

Homemade soup isn’t just good for the soul - it’s a healthy, wholesome and cost-effective meal that makes excellent use of homegrown veg.  If you’re taking part in this week’s Big Soup Share, or you’re looking for new ideas to fill your family’s soup bowls and lunch...

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What grew in the garden

This spring, we asked five of our favourite garden bloggers if they were planning anything new and exciting over the summer. Their responses varied from experiments with onions to enticing a hedgehog into their garden, and more. Now it’s autumn, we’re intrigued to see...

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News update from Thompson & Morgan

New Spring Range Preview Plant selection for our 2020 spring range is well under way. As always, full details are kept secret until the launch, but we can give you a sneak preview of a couple of plants that promise to be amongst the stars of the new range. Namely,...

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Win our ‘Urban Jungle’ house plant collection!

It's competition time, and we're giving away two prizes of our 'Urban Jungle' house plant collection, which consists of four beautiful plants: Calathea orbifolia - This Bolivian native has elegant silver and green stripes on gorgeous rounded leaves, creating a...

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Gardening with grasses

Do your borders lack colour, height and movement throughout the year? Professional garden designer Nic Wilson of dogwooddays recently redesigned the beds in her own back garden to striking effect. Her secret weapon? Grasses. By integrating their elegant structure and...

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It’s a Jungle Out There

We all love creatures great and small, right. I would far rather employ the birds and bees than use chemical bug control and so we go to great lengths to entice them into our garden. But then there is the small matter of our six cats to consider. And so we constructed...

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Small border planting ideas with high impact

The average length of a UK garden is just 15 metres long, but limited space doesn’t prevent you from having gorgeous borders filled with show-stopping plants and shrubs. We asked Lee Burkhill, the professional designer behind Garden Ninja, for his advice on giving...

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